Widely believed to be of Ethiopian descent, the African-Arab, al-Jahiz (the more his most famous of works is Kitab al-Hayawan (Book of Animals); a pioneering . al-Jahiz’s Book of Animals: The transcendent value of disgust | Inventions. The most famous book written by Al-Jahiz is Kitab al-Hayawan (Book of Animals). This multi-volume book does not only describe more than.

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They went on to compose sophisticated commentaries on the Koran, critical editions of poetry and treatises on grammar, and to compile dictionaries and specialized word-lists. In Baghdad, al-Jahiz not only fused the Islamic sciences to Greek rationalism, but created Arabic prose literature. The book is silent as long aljahiz you need silence, eloquent whenever you want discourse. Besides, the land of the Banu Sulaim has much in common with the land of the Turks, where the camels, beasts of burden, and everything belonging to these people is similar in appearance: Al-Jahiz was a philosopher, poet, zoologist and writer, one of the few Muslim scientists.

Captions appear in Persian language. It means, these ideas of Muslim scholars were known to educated and scientific circles in Europe.

The Zanj say that God did not make them black animas order to disfigure them; booi it is their environment that made them so. The drawing fits the text: Amsterdam, 1 to 7 Septemberpg. Short feature film from producer Ahmed Salim that explores the animal kingdom through the eyes of Al-Jahiz.

Because of overhunting and poaching, or illegal hunting; overfishing; and destruction of habitats, scientists think 25 percent of mammals could become extinct—and others, too.

However, there is little evidence to suggest that one spieces of animal evolved to another spieces, or evolution occured from plant to animal.

Al-Jahiz and “The Book of Animals” – MOHA Research Center

It seeks to enable young people to draw lessons from the past to help safeguard our future. There is no question of metamorphosis, or of punishment, disfigurement or favor meted out by Allah. He was a man of reason and logic, which generated a spirit of life-long independence.


He had a great love of books, and xnimals Book of Animals begins with a long passage in their praise. Also in the Quran, it states that Allah created Adam and Hawa.

Then Darwin collected evidence by observations to support this idea. Anticipating a number of concepts which were not to be fully developed until the time of Darwin and his successors, al-Jahiz toys with evolutionary theory, discusses animal mimicry — noting that certain parasites adapt to the color of their host — and writes at length on the influences of climate and diet on men, plants and animals of different geographical regions.

Every weak animal devours those weaker than itself. He provided a quotation describing the struggle for existenceciting a Spanish translation of this work:. This site uses cookies. Men with each other are like animals It is said that his mother once offered him a tray full of notebooks and told him he would earn his living from writing.

He used to gather with a group of other youths at Basra’s main mosque, where they would discuss different scientific subjects.

Al-Jahiz and “The Book of Animals”

Illustrated Arabic manuscripts of any anlmals are extremely rare, and this is the only illustrated copy of a work by al-Jahiz in existence. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Beautifully illustrated book for young readers taking children on an exciting journey of discovery with messages echoing those set by the campaign or the importance of respecting all creatures and caring for animals while striving to protect the environment.

My books contain above all unusual anecdotes, wise and beautifully expressed sayings handed down by the Companions of the Prophet, sayings which will lead to the acquisition of good qualities and the performance of good works … they also contain stories of the conduct of kings and caliphs and their ministers and courtiers, and the most xl-jahiz events of their lives.

Al-Jahiz – Wikipedia

It is a social, literary and historical encyclopedia. A unique feature of his oeuvre, apart from his celebrated prose – is that he tailored his writing in such a manner that the general community could understand; interspersing his writing, with anecdotes, humour and witticisms. He developed a love for – and expertise in the Arabic language, becoming an avid reader and prolific writer.


He showed that Arabic was flexible enough to handle any subject with ease, and although he was not personally associated with the House of Wisdom, his linguistic achievement paralleled — indeed surpassed — the efforts of the scholars engaged in rendering Greek scientific texts into Arabic.

He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors. The Ambrosiana manuscript is textually very important. He also studied the Qur’an and the Hadiths. This interest in style was characteristic of a group of Basran scholars, who, during the late eighth and early ninth centuries, sought to preserve the linguistic heritage of the Arabs by recording the poetry and sayings of the Bedouin of the Arabian peninsula.

It falls in 7 volumes and is full of anecdotes, poetic descriptions and proverbs describing many varieties off animals. He sometimes added funny anecdotes and amusing comments in his scientific works. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These books also had the role of a cultural drive for the progress of research in animale science in zoology, biology, evolutionary theories, medicine, veterinary, anatomy, etc. Retrieved 10 January All small animals eat smaller ones; al-jshiz all the bigger animals cannot eat bigger ones.

He was the student of Samuel Lee, who was well-versed in oriental sources.

This is said to have been the beginning of his career as a writer, which would become his sole source of living. It brings to life one of the oldest books written in Arabic about animals to help inspire curiosity in children and to promote caring for all living things.

He went on to write two hundred books in his lifetime on a variety of subjects, including Arabic grammarzoologypoetry, lexicography, and rhetoric.