Means of reducing and controlling weld distortion are described, covering b) tack weld one end, then use back-step technique for tacking the rest of the joint. It is a weld progression utilized to minimize distortion. Backstep welding is a technique to avoid distortion while welding on thin sheets. This technique involves a continual stalling of the forward travel motion by traveling backwards slightly, into the previous deposited weld. This technique has two.

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What is back stepping your weld?

What is back stepping your weld? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Seen that term get tossed around here a few times but I haven’t a clue what is it. Can someone else what it is and why you do it?


Back step welding

Gamble, See the provided link. It is a weld progression utilized to minimize distortion.

In a hobbiest terms. It’s welding back toward the previous weld.

Say you’re welding two sheets of plate together backste; a solid weld. You start at the end of the plate and you’re working your way across the seam.

Backstep Technique for TIg Welding

Your next weld then starts a couple inches past the starting point of the original weld and moves towards the first weld. There are no problems.

There are only solutions. It’s your duty to determine the right one. It is a method of starting and stopping your weld.

When you start a weld you get a lot of heat and not much metal and the zone is subject to cracking. You start backstepp weld move forward then back to fill the crater, the same when you finish a weld you leave a crater of heat with no metal so you go back over the weld to fill in the crater.


When a pipe welder starts a pass he will usually strike on the side of the joint move forward to get a puddle then back to backsteep in the crater. Join Date Oct Posts Originally Posted by Gamble. All times are GMT The time now is