operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying .. USB rating: 5V, mA, versions, supported up to 32GB storage device. Mam radio VDO CDR Kupiłem transmiter, ustawiam częstotliwość, a radio automatycznie jej nie wyszukuje. Wg. Instrukcji trzeba raz. Musisz uważać z przypadkowymi próbami bo zablokujesz sobie radio na stałe, Jeżeli mas CDR to odkoduj go według tej instrukcji.

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Remote control has no effect on the system. Also individuals who have made some contribution to a manuscript, but who do not meet the criteria for authorship, should be listed in an acknowledgement section.

If previously published tables are submitted, the authors should include a statement that they obtained permission from the copyright holder. TM The CD carousel slides out.


To change a fuse in this type of plug proceed as follows: After acceptance of the manuscript the authors should provide a copy of such permission.

TM The timer is now set. TM When a track has been played, the track number will be erased from the instrkucja calendar.

You must select the VEC feature first. In addition, authors should have confidence in the integrity of the contributions of their co-authors.


At stop mode TM The title of album or total playing time will be displayed. PAN This feature allows you to simulate a panoramic sound effect as though the music is circling through the room.

Do not use abbreviations as key words. They may include for example the number of a research project supporting the work. Also, potential reviewers may be suggested, as well as reviewers to avoid.

Advances in Interventional Cardiology – Instructions for authors

The number of authors should be limited to 4. TM Reduce the distance. When possible, several figures illustrations can be grouped in one block for reproduction, instru,cja figure panels should be clearly marked with capital letters, i.

TM The system will stop searching when all the available radio stations are stored or when the memory for 40 preset radio stations is used. Storing Preset Stations You can store up to 40 radio stations in the memory.

Letters insttrukcja the Editor have a limit of 4 authors. It will be displayed for about 7 seconds. Original full length papers should not exceed words not including tables and references. TM The clock starts.

Opel CDR 500 Instruction Manual

Please provide inclusive page numbers. When a preset radio station is selected, the preset number appears next to the frequency on the display. TM Replace or clean CD. Details of the corresponding author, including full name, academic degrees, name and address of the institution, telephone and fax numbers with area and country codes, and an e-mail instrukcjq should be provided.


TM The demonstration will stop. TM The system will switch to standby mode.

Instrukcja obsługi Dension Gateway S

The manuscript should not exceed words not including tables and references and up to 70 references. TM The last selected source is lit while other available sources are flashing. Reviewers are independent, not related to the author of the manuscript to be reviewed or the editors of the journal.

Be sure to follow the instructions supplied with the subwoofer. Leave the power on for about one hour inztrukcja no disc in the system until normal playback is possible. Demonstration mode The system has a demonstration mode that shows the various features offered by the system.