CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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Prowess tracks the history of auditors engaged by com-panies. These two decades cover the be-ginning of the economic crisis inthe reformsinitiated inthe economic tutoriwl soon there-after, then the prolonged slowdown, the IT and dotcomperiod around the turn of the century, the recovery from and finally the global financial crisis in Equity Ownership ofMajor Investors.

They changed their economic activity fromnon-finance to finance sometime in the 20 years. This presentation isillustrative, to give some idea of the dataset available inProwess. The sample-size rises to two thousand manufacturingcompanies if the time-span is dropped to ten years. Theoptions are available through a menu-list. As a policy, companies are not removed fromthe database, once they have been added. It is also the encapsulation ofCMIEs expertise on analysing companies.

However, it is in fact, a powerful product that deliv-ers both, ease-of-use to the user and also power-in-useto the user. If the number of sharesoutstanding of a company increases, and if everythingelse is unchanged, the price of its shares decreases. We list below, the other sources ofinformation. Disclosures in Annual Re-ports and many other sources vary widely acrosscompanies and over time. Prowess will find all companies that meet sucha set of conditions and display their names withvalues of all the variables stated in the conditions.


However,we are careful to provide only those pieces of informa-tion that are reasonably reliable or official. Availability of prices of its shares from either theNational Stock Exchange or the Bombay StockExchange Availability of its quarterly financial statementsas mandated by the stock exchanges and regula-tors for listed companies.

Prowess Resource Tutorial

Listed companies are required to publish onlythe abridged income and expenditure statement, thesegment-wise business and related party transactions,every quarter. Groups and TablesThe Prowess database can be visualised in terms of sixgroups of information, each of which consists of severalTables.

This is the most powerful part of Prowess. In reality, private limited companies outnumber thepublic limited companies by a large margin. The number of companies for which information isavailable for a year keeps rising. Both, stand-alone and con-solidated financial statements are captured here. This is within the legalsystem.

But,many companies disclose more than is mandated by theauthorities in their standardised format. All old names ofcompanies are linked to new names.

This willincrease the coverage marginally.

Central Library IIT Bombay | CMIE Database

Given the above characteristics, it was clear that it wasperhaps not worth the effort to create a database ofall companies registered with the Registrar of Compa-nies. These twodecades cover the beginning of the economic crisis in, the reforms initiated inthe economicboom soon thereafter, then the prolonged slowdown,the IT and dotcom period around the turn of the cen-tury, the recovery from and finally the globalfinancial crisis in CMIE uses the company-level data of Prowess, its ag-gregates and its various sub-aggregates created by slic-ing and dicing the database appropriately to gain in-sights proqess the workings of the economy.


Normal-isation is a process through which data collated fromheterogeneous sources over time are brought on to astandardised platform such tutotial the data are compara-ble across companies and over time. The Prowess database flattens this layered presentationinto one long flat tutoril with an organisation.

Equity Own-ership Pattern in Prowess. There is no survival bias imposed by us. This sector was largelyin the unorganised sector till the s. Sometimes, the Balance Sheet of a company is availablebut its Income and Expenditure Statement is not avail-able. Their counthas increased from just 50 in to over tktorial, by The Annual Report prepared by the company is themost important source of information in Prowess.

It is CMIEs endeavour to build robust panels of longtime series. There is atop view of the Income and Expenditure Statement andthe Assets and Liabilities Statement that provides thebroad outline of tutorila finances. This presentation is illustrative, to givesome idea of the dataset available in Prowess. Quarterly financial statements are available for morecompanies than companies that are traded on thebourses. Or it could be a condition on finan-cial attributes such as size of profits or assets or much more.