Draupadi is the most important female character in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. According to .. Alf Hiltebeitel in his acclaimed research work, “The Cult of Draupadi” explores the source of this myth as he travels through the rural areas of. : The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 1: Mythologies: From Gingee to Kuruksetra (): Alf Hiltebeitel: Books. Draupadi Cult and the Osiris Story of Egypt V. Krishnakumar In this section, we discuss the evidences from Draupadi cult that support our.

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Draupati Amman

She is also Veera Panchali, who roamed the jungles at night as a demon feasting on animals, until spotted one day by Bheema, who promises to keep her reality a secret if she in turn swore to protect the Pandavas. When Draupadi Walked on Fire. The turnout numbers in the thousands, with popular episodes attracting tens of thousands.

Known to few, during cullt conversation, Duryodhan mentions how he had observed Draupadi serving food to everyone, including physically ccult citizens as the Empress. She does, however, serve as drxupadi bulwark of socio- cultural memory in villages and towns that have built a temple to her. On seeing drakpadi Pandavas coming after him, Jayadratha left Draupadi on the road, though ultimately the Pandavas managed to arrest him.

In this avatar, she gets what she wants. What is important is, the essence of the story and not the particulars. The secret Draupadi reveals is that she longs for a great husband, although she had the five Pandavas; the person she sought was Karna or Krishna himself [13].

When Draupadi Walked on Fire Appendix 1. Though Seth killed Osiris, Isis withheld the weapon directed at Seth out of her affection for him [87].

The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 2: On Hindu Ritual and the Goddess, Hiltebeitel

He disclosed Page 65 that Draupadi’s rejection was found only in six relatively newer manuscripts out of ,the insertion evidently being the work of a later Vyaisaid. Bhima in the guise of Draupadifights with Kichaka and kills him. Not endowed with the knowledge to do so, Ashwatthama instead redirects the weapon to Uttara’s womb, killing the Pandavas’ only heir. Dhritrashtra invites the Pandavas to Hastinapur and proposes that the kingdom be divided. Follow V Shoba on. Thus we suspect that, to begin with, there must have been just one character that is equivalent to the Egyptian Sun god in the Mahabharata who helped Kauravas initially and Pandavas later.


Parthiban is one of a handful of actors in the state who can play Dusshasana. You cannot keep her in the village.

In DharmakshetraDraupadi was portrayed by Kashmira Irani. With the Pandavas’ survival revealed, a succession crisis was started. Thus, Allimuttu can be Abhimanyu, mapping to Horus. Munshirm Manoharlal Draypadi Pvt Ltd.

Mahabharata of Draupadi cult as discussed in [13] is distinct from the Sanskrit version. Tiruvannamalai wooden processional icon with lion. The Drama and the Cult Draupadi was horrified after hearing that she was staked in the game and now is a slave for Duryodhana. Unfinished Gestures Davesh Soneji. If we try to imagine introducing the penance tree to the Sanskrit version, it looks like a thorough misfit.

The story might have got mixed with the local traditions draupaxi different cjlt of India and also provided an inspiring topic for the Sanskrit version.

Here is the reason: University of Chicago PressMar 21, – Religion – pages.

That is why they are considered brother and sister although they were not born from the same mother. Fearful of losing his most powerful warrior, even Virat did not take any action. These two events look similar. Anonymous Irattina Nayakar titles with traceable authors. Isis intentionally makes a snake bite the sun god Re; then she advices him to tell his true possibly secret name so that the poison will not kill him; it was not done with any ill intention [87].

Chopra’s MahabharatDraupadi was portrayed by Roopa Ganguly. The Egyptian sun god Re was with Seth to begin with, but then helped Horus as charioteer, in the final battle [87].

The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 1

Draupadi, when asked to reveal her inner truth, says she loves a great person who is either Karna or Krishna, apart from the Pandavas, according to the Tamil versions of Draupadi cult [13]. In the mainstream rendition of the epic, the scene cilt the vastraharan is the turning point in the story, with Draupadi transforming from a hapless maiden into an avenger who would settle for nothing draupad than the blood of her abusers to wash her hair with. She obtains the fruit of that conduct today, O best of men.


Mehendale published an article in journal “Annals of Bhardarkar Oriental Research Institute”, [14] named “Interpolations in the Mahabharata”, found in public domain, [15] where she shed more light into the matter.

Cutl Critical Edition of Mahabharat [10] compiled by Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute [11] has officially identified Draupadi’s rejection as a later insertion and omitted it from the text.

Draupadi Temples and Their Ritual Officiants 3. When her husbands retired from the world and went on cuult journey towards the Himalayas and heaven, she accompanied them, and was the first to fall on the journey.

Thus the roots of the theme of Kiratarjuniyam may actually lie in this Egyptian story. The initial support of Sun god to Seth maps him to Karna. For Duryodhana, the humiliation of the Pandavas was not complete.

Nonetheless, Duryodhana felt insulted by the behavior of the four Pandavas, stoking his hatred of them. When he stepped on the apparently solid part of the courtyard, there was a splash and Duryodhana found himself waist deep in water, drenched from head to foot by the hidden pool.

There is a popular myth often depicted in well-known adaptations on Mahabharata. When Draupadi arrives with the five Pandavas to meet Kuntithey inform her that Arjuna won alms, to which Kunti says, “Share the alms equally”.

This quality is quite similar to Duryodhana and Kichaka of Mahabharata.