Fiction. In English translation. José María Arguedas is one of the few Latin American authors who loved and described his natural surroundings, and he ranks. : Deep Rivers (): Jose Maria Arguedas, Frances Horning Barraclough: Books. 4 discussion posts. Beth Asmaa said: Translator’s Note. Frances Horning BarracloughBarraclough points out that a reader will find in Los Rios Profund.

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We will await them; we are the sons of the father of all the lord mountains; sons of the father of all the rivers Mar 21, arguexas Jose Maria Arguedas is one of the few Latin American authors who have loved and described their rural natural surroundings, and he ranks among the greatest writers of any place and any time. Afterword Click to show. Thus, it reads more like non-fiction, somewhat dryly depicting a chronological series of events with no apparent narrative arc. On the other hand, in order to argiedas the double movement of convergence and dispersion, or unity and disharmony, this novel builds a dense and beautiful symbolic system that creatively retells certain indigenous myths and gives them fresh life.

Dreesie May 1, What a lovely book this is. It is also a pacifying object, a symbol of restoring order, as in the episode where Ernesto gives his zumbayllu to Anauco. But he didn’t fit into Indian culture either, being Latino and not native. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

The novel describes the maturation process of Ernesto, a year-old who must confront the injustices of the adult world that arguedqs becomes a part of, and who is required to take sides. His ideal of integration, a most passionate one, as it originates in his fragmented interiority, is doomed to failure.


And yes, the description sounded like one! Scott Slovic Limited preview – Invite People Members Polls. With regard to the revelation of the meaning of the Indian reality, Deep Rivers repeats certain dimensions of Yawar Fiesta, Arguedas’s previous novel: The novel ends when Ernesto leaves Abancay and goes to a ranch owned by “El Viejo”, situated in the valley of the Apurimac, awaiting the return of his father.

As such, its functions are varied, but it is first used to send messages to distant places. The boy describes their journeying from place to place — the comparative customs and practices of townspeople, the natural flora and fauna, as well as his own actions in each town.

What a lovely book this is. This is the hard lesson that Deep Rivers chronicles. Ernesto is left at a boarding school in Abancay, where life proceeds as it might in a small Peruvian town.

Deep rivers

Later, father and son go to the town of Abancay, where the father hopes to stay but ultimately leaves his son at a Catholic boarding school. Ernesto then has to live with the boarding students who are a microcosm of Peruvian society and where cruel and violent rjvers is the norm.

It was not novel that ever intended to be translated and certainly was not written for an international audience. Ernesto, the narrator of Deep Riversis a child with origins in two rivwrs. University of Texas Press- Latin American fiction – pages. Most critics agree that this novel is one of Arguedas’ masterpieces.

This Ernesto is unmistakably the same as the Deep Rivers character. Colonos is rjvers spanish word for Indians who live on a hacienda. Recently added by hahrenskjgormleyrachellindsaybericandsueada.


Deep Rivers – José María Arguedas – Google Books

The zumbayllu purifies the land and flowers start to sprout, which Ernesto then decides to place in the woman’s tomb. In Arguedas wrote the essay ‘The novel and the problem of literary expression in Peru’ La novela y el problema de la expresion literaria en el Peruin which he announced the existence of the novel project.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Translator’s Note “You may be surprised if I confess to you that I am the handiwork of my stepmother. The Insurrection Ernesto joins an enormous crowd of women, demonstrators taken into the streets of Abancay and workers’ quarters of the Patibamba hacienda to recover and redistribute the salt stolen from them by the salt dealers.

Become divers LibraryThing Author. The Journeys The boy’s father is a traveling lawyer. The insurrection and plague which affect the Indians are, as the Afterword says, major events in this autobiographical novel.

Deep Rivers Texas Pan American series. The conflict of the Indian and the Spanish cultures is acted out within him as it was in the life of Arguedas.

Such a project is in extreme conflict: Gabriel, an itinerant lawyer, is looking for a rich relative called ‘El Viejo’ the old onein order to ask for work and shelter. According to adguedas, this novel marked the beginning of the current neo-indigenista movement, which presented, for the first time, a reading of indigenous issues from a closer perspective.