Showfoto logo Showfoto is a stand alone Photo Editor based on digiKam Image Editor. Showfoto is a part of digiKam project. digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool. Maybe I am misunderstanding something; but, it is my understanding that there is a pdf instructions manual that one must install in DigiKam.

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Upload new images from the camera and create the target album during the download.

Get an account for an external web site holding your gallery. Right-clicking enables common file management tasks, like renaming photos, adding a photo to a specific album, or moving irreparable ones to the trash, and so on. In the dialog box that appears, habdbook John as title and optionally set an icon.

The first time it is run, Digikam asks where to store your photo album. Image Composition example using Golden Sections 3. Proceed with Step 5.

Install DigiKam pdf manual ???

Digikam’s image editor features the basics, such as colour correction and exposure adjustment, but it also has effects and plugins. Every image matching the coordinates of the area will be displayed inside the main window. Some new computers have a card reader on board with different slots, to support all these formats.

Optionally, choose a category, insert some comments, and select an album date. To edit a selected image, use Edit from the main menu.


For example, you have photographed your friend John at different times and you want to collect all images, independent of your album. Digikam’s photo editor makes work feel suspiciously fun. Selected photographs appear with inverted colors. The image editor interface has two entry points for nearly every function: This comes in handy if you know that your camera tends to use the same faulty color settings all the time, and you would like to be able to correct them with just a single click.

You can let Digikam rename your photographs automatically. The method Digikam provides for this is its light table view: Determine the orientation and aspect ratio to use: This automatically suggests a filename with the current date.

Chapter Managing Your Digital Image Collection with DigiKam

If the position of your crop does not follow the compositional rule to your satisfaction, move it. Distortion Effects Apply various strange distortion effects, such as fish eyes, to your image.

This opens a window which contains some of the most frequently used basic editing options:. Go to each album and select the respective photographs. If you want to please someone, a custom calendar can be a nice gift. Pretend your image had been embossed to digikm sheet of paper. Choose font, font style and size.

People to scan your photo collection for faces. Remove artifacts, such as those caused by dust on your lens or sensor. Perspective Adjustment Adjust the perspective of an image. Create a simple calendar hanxbook a standard layout by selecting the images to use and by selecting paper size and fonts. Even if a graphic artist or photographer is happy using GIMP, Digikam is a useful tool for its photo management features and darkroom effects. While GIMP concentrates on enabling an artist to open an image for re-touching, compositing, and general manipulation, Digikam is first a photo management and proofing tool.


After creating your tag, assign it to the desired pictures. Search the Map Click on the Map Searches tab on the left side. To create an HTML export of your image handbiok, proceed as follows: Special effects are included too; textures, oil paint filters, borders, film grains, film emulation profiled by popular film stocksand much much more.

To export your collection to an external image gallery on the Internet, proceed as follows: The far right edge of the window has a number of tabs attached which can be used to display important information about your images, or to manipulate certain image-related data:. Image Composition example using Golden Spiral 3.

Confirm with Ok to start the download process. The result is strikingly different from the original image. Digikam is a KDE program for downloading photographs from digital cameras. Using the Monochrome option and the channel sliders, you can selectively determine how much each of the color channels contributes to the overall image.

This can become complex, especially if you are attempting to install very new versions of Digikam on older editions of Slackware.