So I started reading Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. I know Brooks is a very strong man, but I have to say it reads like foolishness. I used to. Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development [Brooks D Kubik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Training manual. Brooks Kubik – The Dinosaur Strength Training Notebook – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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A gym used to be a serious place for serious people, interested in building serious strength, but in modern times its safe to say that gyms have become glorified juice bars — with no shortage of chrome, ferns, and pencil-neck pseudo experts who wave around plastic dumbbells while making sure their designer headbands matched their suede lifting belts.

Weight training was slowly but surely being taken over by the druggers … the toners … the bros … the poseurs … the pretty boys … the pencil necks … the whiners … the pump artists …the arm-chair experts …and the mirror athletes.

This man had enough — Kbik

His name was Brooks Kubik, and what happened next started a revolution throughout the entire world of strength. While Brooks had authored articles in several different publications over the years. Brpoks wrote about the training that had worked for him, how he trained in high school, how he trained in college, how he trained to win multiple National Championships beooks Bench Press Powerlifting meets, and how his favorite oldtime strongmen used to train….

Brooks had originally planned to type out a fifty or so page manuscript and possibly sell though more likely give it away to the few people out in the world he thought might be interested in it.

Brooks reached fifty pages after only a few short days of writing, and there was still more material he wanted to cover — a dinosau more. Fifty pages turned into a hundred, a hundred pages turned into two hundred.


With the encouragement of several the top people in the strength world, the finished product was titled Dinosaur Training since it was covered training techniques that were almost but not quite! Dinosaur Training covered the methods that the strongest men who had ever lived had utilized — sure, with traditional weights such as barbells and, but also highly unusual implements such as sandbags, kegs, rocks, anvils, sledge hammers and more. Brooks Kubik went ahead and published Dinosaur Trainingreleasing it on an unsuspecting world….

Calloused hands started lifting odd objects again — sand bags, kegs, rocks, anvils, anchors. Training methods such as thick handled weights, heavy partial movements and power rack work all experienced a resurgence in popularity. Suddenly it became OK to lift heavy chunks of iron and steel once again. The strength world had come full circle… once again, people were training like they did in years past — AND building strength like they did in years past.

When it came time for the second printing, Dinosaur Training became even bigger …literally — Brooks added two additional chapters of intense training material. Today, over twenty years after its initial release, Dinosaur Training still stands as one of the all-time great strength books. You would be hard pressed to find a weight training book which has helped more people get the fire back in their belly or get it going in the first place when it comes to serious training.

Dinosaur Training

With the treasure trove of solid training information that it contains, it is no wonder that Dinosaur Training and the Dino-Attitude has reached such great heights of popularity.

Now you can read and learn from one of the best training books ever published …the book that started a Revolution. The tremendous value of basic exercises …the exercises that MUST be in your program …and which exercises to avoid at all costs since they are nothing but a waste of your time. The ONE characteristic that all Dinosaurs have in common — find out what it is.


The 1 reason why most people give up and how you can avoid that like the plague. How to diosaur with a water filled barrel or keg, and how that training style nearly put Brooks down for the count. The 5 reasons people fail according to Dr.

Ken Leistner… — probably the most valuable lesson strength training can teach you. What the 5 x 5 system is, and how Reg Park, Champion strength athlete and bodybuilder, used it to build super strength fifty years ago. As you can see, Dinosaur Training covers a lot of ground. Of particular note are three big chapters on grip training which helps anyone lay a solid foundation. Do you remember the dibosaur time you tried to learn something for the first time?

Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development

Starting out, nothing made sense and you felt like giving up. Now imagine how confident you felt when someone took the time to explain some things to you.

A man who lifted weights for his entire life once took a good look at the world of strength training around him…. This guy… Brooks Kubik.

Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development by Brooks Kubik

As he trains in his basement gym with a bunch of rusty old weights and oldschool techniques — no chrome or ferns to be found! John Davis, multiple-time Olympic weightlifting champion and world record holder, could have just as easily been a champion bodybuilder. Doug Hepburn, the great Canadian champion, was easily one of the strongest men of all time.