HANDLING THIS SERVICE MANUAL About This Service Manual n. Scope This Service Manual applies to the Fuji Medical Dry Laser Imager DRYPIX Service Technicians PACS / DR / CR / Digital Forum Drypix Service Manual CARLOS RUEDA Innovacion Tecnologica Hello, I am trying. View and Download FujiFilm DRYPIX service manual online. DRYPIX Printer pdf manual download.

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Page 39 Secure the gear while pressing the flange of the idle gear against the gears in the arrow direction shown below. Fujifilm DryPix Specification 4 pages.

Thank you much in dryoix Reply. Rotate the worm gear of the cleaning roller grip release motor MD4 in the arrow direction shown in the figure with the hand so that it grips the cleaning roller. NOTE The following path accesses the step test pattern: Reinstalling Procedure Reinstall in the reverse order of removal.

It accommodates all common film sizes, and has an optional second film drawer and top-mounted 4-bin film sorter. EPS Change the attaching position of the film release plate. Page 89 MC If the measured values are not the specified values, loosen the screws securing the sub-scanning unit.

Output the grid pattern using the M-Utility. If so, circle the out of control data points, correct the cause of the problem refer to the Performance and Corrective Action section of this document and repeat the dryix. FFDM separates out the components of image acquisition, Add to My Bench.


FujiFilm DRYPIX 7000 Service Manual

When the data transfer is completed, the [File transfer is completed. Mechanical Jamming, Abnormal Sound 2. Remove the upper conveyor unit. Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. Remove the sub-scanning unit fixing bracket, and reinstall it to its original position.


MC Remove the screws securing the sub-scanning unit. Insert the sub-scanning manuual into the equipment, and temporarily secure with the screws. EPS SP Table Of Contents MC 3. Page 82 Secure the gear while pressing the flange of the idle gear against the gears in the arrow direction shown below. Install the inside belt first and then the top and bottom belts.

Remove the sub-scanning unit fixing bracket. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page of Go. Remove the filter section cooling fan. Page 42 Insert pins such as hexagonal wrench into the two holes on gear 1, and servicce the phase of the removal drive cam. Designed to withstand shock and environmental extremes, the DryPix is also ideal for mobile use.

DryPix Plus (4000) QC for Mammography

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Geometry Recording Length and Width 4. You can adjust your Community Subscriptions in Settings. There may be slight variations in the characteristics of the film between batches. Film Positioning Motor upper md5 Remove the upper conveyor unit. Page 88 35 x 43cm size 26 x 36 cm size 20 x 25 cm size Lower Conveyor Unit Remove the lower conveyor unit. Squeezing Roller When removing the xervice roller, be careful not to damage the bearing dryypix the tray, Remove the squeezing roller.


MC Remove the tray inside cover. EPS Secure the gear fixing cover with the screws. As there is problem in power supply of drypix would like to have its schematic diagram. Artifacts Output test pattern films to make sure that there are no clinically significant artifacts, such as banding, scratch, fog etc. Power supply is not switching on. My Bench Order History Sign out. Film is produced in batches.

Turn ON the power of the equipment, and start the M-Utility. However, perform the following when securing the sub-scanning unit into the equipment. EPS Reinstall the sub-scanning unit fixing bracket at the position shown below.

Page 55 Sdrvice Remove the sub-scanning unit fixing bracket. Not only does each mammographic x-ray