Ecce Homo has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: For whom am I writing this review? If Nietzsche were by my side I suspect he would want me to. In late , only weeks before his final collapse into madness, Nietzsche ( ) set out to compose his autobiography, and Ecce Homo remains one. Ecce Homo is an autobiography like no other. Deliberately provocative, Nietzsche subverts the conventions of the genre and pushes his philosophical positions.

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But thus I have always lived. Walter Kaufmann, in his biography Nietzsche: It is certainly hard neitzsche review the last book of the greatest man ever lived. I do understand that he is saying that slave mentality places pointless limits on our achievements and that it is only in allowing ourselves to transcend those limitations that we have any hope of living a life worth living.

Ecce Homo by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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They respond to a stimulus a thought they have read whenever they think—in the end, they do nothing but react. This time of disequilibrium and hormonal topsy-turvy ordinarily settles down into the next phase of life: Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it—all idealism is mendaciousness in the face of what is necessary—but love it.

I noted a total aberration of my instincts of which particular blunders, whether Wagner or the professorship at Basel, were mere symptoms. I can’t tell if he enjoys my company but I sure as hell enjoy his.

Superman in the mirror

He is always in his own company, whether he associates with books, human beings, or landscapes: By year’s end I even had entered into a romantic relationship with a woman. Instinctively, he collects from everything he sees, hears, lives through, his sum: He gives reviews and insights about his various works, including: I can’t pretend to like Nietzsche.


I had to be a scholar, too, for some time. For example, Koehler – who believes the syphilis that eventually rotted the philosopher’s brain was contracted in a male brothel in Genoa – suggests that the prime attraction of Messina, which Nietzsche visited inwas a homo-erotic colony nearby.

Review: Friedrich Nietzsche by Curtis Cate | Books | The Guardian

But this question itself is at bottom its own answer. One day there will be associated with my name the recollection of something frightful – of a crisis like no other on earth Rudiger Safranski’s Philosophical Biography devoted itself to the interior evolution of Nietzsche’s thought, but was often unsure of the extent to which such an undertaking needed to be anchored in the external events of his life.

One reason, presumably, is that in the thousands of pages of notebooks, letters and books he produced, many “ideas” were tried out; he did not care the least about contradicting himself, even in print. At times it is very entertaining to read how you bash everyone especially Germans and Christians but then again it’s annoying as it repeats itself over and over and over and over again. For other uses, see Ecce Homo disambiguation. Here are some of the Chapter headings: Per comprendere questo breve scritto occorre avevere una minima conoscenza di tutte le sue opere, che qui brevemente presenta: The pathos of poses does not belong to greatness; whoever needs poses at all is false.

Everything has been made fraudulent and has been twisted through and through by the good. It shows my prudence that I was many things and in many places in order to be able to become one thing—to be able to attain one thing. If you haven’t read Nietzsche – Twilight of the Idols is a better place to start than here.


To the end of his sane life, Nietzsche maintained he had never been as happy as he was in those heady days, and Cate brings this enchanted phase vividly to life.

Ecce Homo (book) – Wikipedia

Apr 30, Gaurav rated it it was amazing Shelves: After that Nietzsche abandoned his academic career and stumbled around Europe, convinced, despite the efce that his books barely sold, that in them, “the questions of millennia had been resolved”.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw things, dark things scuttle in the corners, out from the radiator, under the bed.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Therefore, his philosophy will triumph one day, because that what was forbidden has always been the truth.

Who knows to breath the air of my texts knows that it is the air of the heights, a strong air. When I wage war against Christianity I am entitled to hommoo because I have never experienced misfortunes and frustrations from that quarter- the most serious Christians have always been well disposed toward me. View all 9 comments.

That is neither Apollinian nor Dionysian; it negates all aesthetic values—the only values recognized in The Birth of Tragedy: Twilight of the Idols: