Passage Meditation – A Complete Spiritual Practice: Train Your Mind and Find a Life that Fulfills (Essential Easwaran Library) [Eknath Easwaran] on. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Easwaran’s writing is blessedly free of the hocus- pocus and A Complete Spiritual Practice: Train Your Mind and Find a Life that Fulfills (Essential Easwaran Library) – Kindle edition by Eknath Easwaran. Religion. : Passage Meditation – A Complete Spiritual Practice: Train Your Mind and Find a Life That Fulfills (Audible Audio Edition): Eknath Easwaran, Paul .

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Concentrate on one word at a time, and let the words slip one after another into your consciousness like pearls falling into a clear pond. If the words come too close together, you will not ezswaran slowing down the mind: Views Read Edit View history. I was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic faith.

Go up and tap the mind gently on the shoulder. In our minute online workshopyou can try passage meditation for five minutes without memorizing a passage first, so you can get a taste of the benefits. Still another trick, the rascal! What should you do? We must do what we can to make the body a good ally.

The First Chapter of “Passage Meditation”

At the same time, my brother introduced me to Eknath Easwaran and his method of passage meditation. Actually, it is best not to be concerned about time padsage meditation itself. Every day for me now begins with meditation first thing in the morning. I have often said that the spiritual life has nothing to do with the paranormal ewswaran the occult. Here a pleasure won, there one lost. If the fear returns, repeat the process.


To do this safely and surely we need guidance. Most people do not have much concentration; while they are still learning to meditate, they will remain on the surface level of consciousness. We want to draw forth our positive side, our higher Self, and the passages should move you to become steadfast, compassionate, and wise. And we need minds that will follow directions, not ones that are rebellious. Training the senses means freeing the mind from the tyranny of likes and dislikes so as to “live in freedom”, “live intentionally”.

Different religions have called it by different names: Every eknth of us has so much to give — more than we can realize — and it is easwzran badly needed.

easwzran I practice passage meditation and I also happen to go to church. After a number of chugging stops and dying engines, I asked him how I was ever going to master those pedals.

She was concerned that it was taking me off the path of my faith upbringing. Should this happen to you, open your eyes for a minute or two and repeat the mantram in your mind. Now, in profound meditation, we drop below all that and become concentrated on one thing and one thing alone: There seems meditatioh be a nut loose up in there.


Passage Meditationp.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou hast anointed my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Nilgiri Press ; others. Exactly what the mind wants! If this body is like the body of a car, the mind is the engine — the most important part of the vehicle. Suggested stories and teachings.

Practicing Passage Meditation Within A Faith Tradition

As long as we identify with the body and the mind we bob around on the surface level of consciousness, chasing after the fleeting attractions of life outside us. By dwelling on it, by struggling against it, you simply make it more powerful. Some twist around in the most amazing manner. The passage for meditation should be positive, practical and uplifting, and there are lots of passages you can choose from.

Training the mind to give full attention to one thing at a time, whether it is in science or the arts or sports or a profession, is a basic requirement for achieving a goal.