DocViewMode is another file mode viewer like DviViewMode which adds support for PDF and PS files written by TassiloHorn. It’s officially part. Since Emacs 23, you can view PDF files as images just by opening them like normal files as long as you have Emacs running in X rather than a. Docview is the document viewer within Emacs. Use this library to view non-text files like pdf, odt etc without leaving Emacs. It works by.

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A sub-reddit for the timeless and infinitely powerful editor. Want to see what Emacs is capable of?! I’ve been using emacs for years, though I’m not exactly a power user. Today I opened accidentally a Docgiew via emacs – and lo and behold, it was in my buffer. Find out how to use docbiew mode for dvi-preview, while using latex. In a few years I hope to have mastered enough of emacs in order to use it as my primary operating system Also, when trying out pdflatex, here’s a useful shebang I use for tex files that need to be compiled to PDF.


LaTeX cannot be omitted because otherwise mode: TeX-PDF fails to set mode. That’s not a shebang, it’s a file variable list.

You can also put that at the bottom of the file in slightly different but more convenient format. A shebang is the first line in a file that starts with “! If the OS is asked to execute a textfile that starts with “!

I don’t use dvi any more. The only reason I have local variables is for the TeX-master variable, which is really helpful when doview split your documents in several files.

Thanks for pointing this out. I used to use doc-view mode to view pdfs but it feels very slow compared to a pdf viewing tool, so I went back to using sumatraPDF. I don’t know if this is still the case. The next thing I find on reddit: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

TIL: Doc-View Mode : emacs

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? You should give it a try. UTF-8 is also standard since it’s my operating systems encoding. Turn on auto-revert-mode for docview buffers. But it is very nice to have in a pinch.