This volume contains a fresh English translation of Josephus’ apologetic treatise Against Apion, based on the new textual research conducted by the Münster. Josephus’ Against Apion (English only). From H. St. J. Thackeray, Josephus: The Life, Against Apion (Loeb Classical Library;. Cambridge, MA: Harvard. Against Apion (Contra Apionem or In Apionem) was a polemical work written by Flavius Josephus as a defense of Judaism as a classical religion and.

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But then for those that first introduced philosophy, and the consideration of things celestial and divine among them; such as Pherecydes the Syrian, and Pythagoras, and Flaviud all, with one consent, agree, that they learned what they knew of the Egyptians, and Chaldeans: It was also late, and with difficulty that they came to know the letters they now use. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Tufts University provided support for entering this text. Though such supposal seems to my self, as well as to Fabricius Biblioth.

The Life. Against Apion — Josephus | Harvard University Press

As does Megasthenes also, in the fourth book of his Indian history. But now as to our forefathers, that they took no less againxt about writing such records: Insomuch that when we our selves happened to be in Asia about the same places whither he came, he conversed with us, and with other philosophical persons; and made a trial of our skill in philosophy.


Now for Manetho, he describes those polluted persons as sent first to work in the quarries; and says that after that the city Avaris was given them for their habitation.

But now let us see the silliest thing of all. And thus he speaks: Others of them fell to finding faults with transactions, or with the writers of josephu transactions, and thought to make a great figure by so doing. That these two came to Pelusium, and light upon three hundred and eighty apjon that had been left there by Amenophis: I mean this, if we will not be led by vain opinions; but will make enquiry after truth from facts themselves.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. I suspect that the commentary will be used principally as a reference work. He fllavius after And in a little time they came to Avaris. And these six were the first rulers among them, who were all along making war with the Egyptians and were very desirous gradually to destroy them to the very roots.

His nonsense books, mo ….

joseephus So when he had thus fortified the city with walls, after an excellent manner; and had vlavius the gates magnificently, he added a new palace to that which his father had dwelt in, and this close by it also: Anyone who has read Josephus Flavius and actually finished any of his books may find this book of interest.

For if we remember, that, in the beginning, the Greeks had taken no care to have publick records of their several transactions againdt this must for certain have afforded those that would afterward write about those ancient transactions, the opportunity of making mistakes, and the power of making lies also.


But after this he permits himself, in order to appear to have written what rumours and reports passed abroad about the Jews: Our principal care of all is this, to educate our children well: For he who is partaker of the priesthood, must propagate of a wife of the same nation; without having any jossphus to money, or any other dignities: But it is become natural to all Jews, immediately, and from their very birth, to esteem these books to agianst divine doctrines; and to persist in them: Join Our Mailing List: I will also shew, that those who have written so reproachfully and falsely about us, are to be convicted by what they have written themselves to the contrary.

His major works are: For, as I said, I have translated the Antiquities out of our sacred books.

Against Apion by Flavius Josephus

In order to please which nation, some others undertook to pervert the truth. He lived fifty six years, and reigned forty seven years.

Yet have they all of them afforded their testimony to our antiquity; concerning which I am now treating. But now that he was not subject in his body to any such calamity, is evident from what he himself tells us.