Charles Stansfeld Jones (2th April – 24th February ). The youngest of seven, Charles Stansfeld Jones aka Frater Achad was born on April 2nd, 11 Results Visit ‘s Frater Achad Page and shop for all Frater Achad books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Frater Achad. Frater Achad and the Little Grey Space Aliens. Excerpt from: _Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts_ by Allen H. Greenfield IllumiNet Press, POB , Lilburn.

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Low to High Price: Achac advanced to Neophyte, taking the motto Achad, which he was subsequently to use for most of his published writings, and by which he is best known. I have striven towards Thee and Thou seest in me only the Dog Star.

We are not in darkness; we are much nearer to Her now. Retrieved from ” https: There is but One Substance and One Love and while these be twenty-six they One through thirteen which is but a half thereof. Kowal told Martin Starr that its purpose was “to make men think.

Frater Achad | Astrum Argenteum

He became an accountant. InJones was superintending about 70 members of U. What kind of ideas are we talking about? He worked under a variety of mottos and titles, including V. The secrets of the vampirism of the gray aliens and how to resist it in their physical acuad — which are obviously of a sexual nature — are concealed in the names of the organizations inspired by Frater Achad’s work.


I was stiff as if held in a close embrace. For it is written of Thee: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Now never shall I be known, for it is I that go.

Stepping Out of the Old Aeon and Into the New

The true aims of the U. Crowley believed that Jones had discovered a kabalistic key to The Book of the Law. Imagine the Sun concentrating His rays for a moment on one tiny spot, the Earth. Many of those who left the Theosophical Society for the U.

Charles Stansfeld Jones – Wikipedia

But I offered one particle of dust — and I lost all in that hour. The Four-lettered Name is that of the elements, but it may be divided for the chance of Union; for there is Unity therein. This, O Beloved, is a dark saying, but Thou hast said: The System of initiation came to an end with the Aeon of Horus, but must be revised and continue according to New Aeon lines Stansfeld Jones as a probationer entirely without my knowledge became a Babe of the Abyss.

Though he greatly believed matters of this fratsr to be fraudulent he was also fascinated and eventually inspired to trater contact with a true occult order. Lockhart Research Foundation, achxd You may have done so involuntarily, because the Light was so great that it seemed as Darkness.


I looked again; the Sun rays were playing upon the dew which clung to a little curved twig. Yogi Publication Society, Then why step back again? Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Thus in sweet sleep came he into the Great Beyond. Not a achhad is visible, but presently the moon shines out through a rift in the clouds.

The new teaching appears strange at first; and the mind is unable to grasp more than a ahad of what it really means. Over the years, both became so fascinated by the board that they discussed marketing their own design. Every number is infinite, there is no difference.

Crowley noted the nine-month interval and concluded that Jones’ “birth” as a Babe of the Abyss qualified him as the “magical child” of Crowley and Hilarion.

When I found her, her eyes were closed, as she pressed the fragrant the pink blossoms to her white breast.