Offers a stimulating introduction to globalization and its varying impacts across, a single conceptual framework, Manfred Steger presents globalization in plain. Globalization: A Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a third edition, Manfred Steger, author Professor of Political Science at the University of. Globalization has ratings and 75 reviews. Ahmad said: Globalization: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions #86), Manfred B. StegerFor.

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Today, its products connect one billion people in an invisible web around the globe. A few months later, when the world’s attention shifted to the war in Afghanistan, Al-Jazeera had already positioned itself as a truly global player, powerful enough to rent equipment to such prominent news providers as Reuters xhort ABC, sell satellite time to the Associated Press and BBC, and design an innovative Arabic- language business news channel w with its other American network partner, CNBC.

Our brief deconstruction of some of the central images on the videotape makes it easier to understand why the seemingly anachronistic images of an antimodern terrorist in front of an Afghan cave do, in fact, capture some essential dynamics of globalization. For a book meant to be an introduction to globalization, Steger sure loves putting his own thoughts and opinions alongside the actual facts. The official purpose of the document was to reform the internal economic mechanisms of debtor countries in the developing world so that they would be in a better position to repay the debts they had incurred.

Even in the United States, annual inflows of aboutimmigrants during the s reached only half the levels recorded during the first two decades of the 20th century.

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In order to shed light on these rhetorical manoeuvres, any introduction to globalization ought to examine its ideological msnfred. As we will see in Chapter 8, the WTO became, in the s, the focal point of intense public controversy over the design and the effects of economic globalization. As Anthony Giddens notes in his definition, the intensification of worldwide social relations means that local happenings are shaped by events occurring far away, and vice versa.


Hence, I suggest that we use the term globality to signify a social condition characterized by the existence of global economic, glkbalization, cultural, and environmental interconnections and flows that make many of the currently existing borders and boundaries irrelevant. Music, video, theatre, books, and theme parks are all constructed as American image exports that create common tastes around common logos, advertising slogans, stars, songs, brand names, jingles, and trademarks.

For one, the generally low nutritional value of fast-food meals – and particularly their high fat content – has been implicated in the rise of serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and juvenile obesity. Inglobal business-to-business transactions are projected to reach 6 trillion dollars. Sep 16, Mohawkgrl rated it really liked it. Not so much a very short introduction as a very short diatribe.

The New Global Rulers.

Anyway, I belive the portuguese influence in the new discoveries of the XVI century and it’s importance in the future globalization was paramount and it didn’t get the deserved atention even in a small introduction as this. Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law.

Promotion of foreign direct investment; 8. Steger in the beginning affects a introductipn voice, but this gives way to some fairly explicit views in the last two chapters.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

During these two centuries, Europe and its social practices served as the primary catalyst for globalization. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. The world consists of, and is divided into, sovereign territorial states which recognize no superior authority. Oxford University Press,p. All in all, I’d say that the first five chapters could be worth giving a quick read for a limited overview of what globalization is.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction – Manfred B. Steger – Google Books

Globapization rest of the book could’ve dug deeper or raised some questions of importance in the particular subjects that the chapters address economics, political, cultural, ecological. More importantly, our current ” world is flat ” globalization can not be understood without also understanding American Militarism and geopolitics.


Finally, as always, I want to thank my wife, Perle Besserman, for her untiring support. Marking the close of the prehistoric period, globwlization monumental inventions amounted to one of those technological and social boosts that moved globalization to a new level. After all, for the last few centuries, humans have organized their political differences along territorial lines that generate a sense of’belonging’ to a particular nation-state.

Rather, this concept points to a particular social condition that, like all conditions, is destined to give way to new, qualitatively distinct constellations. The codification of law and the fixing of weights, w, and values of coinage fostered the expansion of trade and markets.

In short, globalization studies calls for an gy approach broad enough to behold the ‘big picture’. Very Short Introductions 1 – 10 of books. From here onwards, things don’t really improve. Sep 16, Mary Cebalt rated it did not like it. Although we will study the various dimensions of globalization in isolation, we will resist the temptation to reduce globalization to a single aspect.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction – Manfred B. Steger – Oxford University Press

The Southeast Asia Crisis represents but one of these recent economic reversals brought on by the globalization of financial transactions. Despite the manny negative reviews of this book I read I found it concise and interesting. Let us turn to Chapter 2 to find answers to this question.