Green Ronin Publishing is dedicated to the art of great games. We create award- winning tabletop roleplaying games, card games, and fiction. Green Ronin continues to thrive under his leadership, publishing roleplaying games like Mutants & Masterminds, DC Adventures, and A Song of Ice and Fire. I own the Master Class book the Psychic’s Handbook by Green Ronin. My problem: it’s written for 3e; so i’ve been trying to convert it over to.

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Results 1 to 8 of 8. Written by Robert J. Schwalb, this book updates an old classic that was first introduced in the 1st edition Unearthed Arcana, the Cavalier.

Like the old ggreen, this one is a strong contestant on the field of battle with a robust 1d12 hit die, two good saving throws Fort and Willand special abilities that tie into their martial supremacy. For example, they gain bonus feats, as well as weapon excellent. The bonus feats are similar to a monk or rangers in that they come from a narrow field and provide for either a mounted warrior or a dangerous footman. They mwsterclass weapon excellence several times and may stack it on the same weapon or select another weapon.

They also masgerclass something of the noble in them. They gain a lot of starting wealth, have a eye for identifying the worth of mastterclass and armor, and the leadership feat as a bonus at 6th level. Rules for Epic characters are provided, in addition to a starting package and several sample NPC cavaliers for low, mid and high level including the warhorse and squire appropriate to that level.

Another nice little touch was the cavalier as a class for d20 Modern. Seeing as how you could get into it at about 6th level, this is probably an advanced class as opposed to a PrC.

Now one thing I noticed as I read were references to other Green Ronin books.

Green Ronin Publishing – Wikipedia

For those who want it, many of them include rules for epic advancement. Included were mid and high level versions of the PrCs, which I found a little wasteful. The bad news though, is that does that include the BAB or just special abilities? For those looking for more crunch, there are forty new feats here.

For those worried about their mount, you can divide the bonus between yourself and the mount. Some might be out of place like Heirloom.

This is an item that increases as you gain levels. For those who miss the old social class, once again I think from 1st edition Unearthed Arcana, rejoice for it rojin returned.

Classes can be broken up from Destitute to Royalty and have a few tiers in them. This includes an effect on your starting funds, as well as rolls on history tables. Another blast from the past is the rules for novice classes. It breaks down the various classes in the core rulebook and provides different stages, A-C, with 1st level as the end result. Another useful tool are the templates for retainers. The templates help customize the retainers without making them full-fledged PC classes.

Now part of being a ronni warrior is well, the mount. The section on steeds covers various classes of msterclass from poor to superior and includes new creatures like the lion like Belleo or the dangerous Lich Steed. The Belleo for example, would fit perfect in a Nyambe campaign. For those looking for something a little more ronij, Chapter Five, the Armory has you covered. This includes new armor and arms and new properties for both as well as specific weapons.

More supplemental rules cover other aspects nasterclass the knight like the various aspects ranging from Chastity to Justice with rules for Tournaments like Jousting.


Those looking to be part of something larger can join or form an order. Orders are often broken down into Military, Religious, or Secular Orders and have different types of Loyalty and Organization. Those looking to build their own are provided with rules and two examples are included.

The Avatar’s Handbook

Kent really outdoes himself with a full page spread on page 4 and a little under a half page illustration of a massive citadel on a three pronged plateau on page Join Date Apr Posts 2, Cavalier’s Handbook Master Class Book. Hi, thanks for the review! This book really looks interesting to me I’ve always been fond of cavaliers.

Schwalb has cover art by Britt Martin depicting a cavalier leading his company into danger. For those not aware, the cavalier is a throwback to the days of 1st edition. With the debut of Unearthed Arcana the original one, by Gary Gygaxthe cavalier was introduced as a new core class, with the paladin being moved to the stature of a subclass beneath this new position.

The cavalier was the quintessential horseman, standing tall in the saddle astride his mighty steed. An excellent fighter by any means, his real strength came when he was in the saddle, attacking from horseback. They struck me as being self-righteous jerks. They were relatively useless in a dungeon environment, and in many ways, they were worse than any paladin ever was in terms of pompous attitude.

The cavalier, as it appears here, shares a few similarities with the original class. The cavalier still represents the pinnacle of knighthood. They are armed with a d12 hit dice, the attack bonuses of a fighter, and the saving throw acquisition of a druid. Special techniques include Deflect Attack, Devastating Strike, Fearsome Charge, or Telling Blow; any one of which is more than equal to the Weapon Specialization option open to fighters.

The other abilities gained are mostly minor in the grand scheme, but when coupled with the already powerful array indicated here, it makes the cavalier seem a little unbalanced.

Master Class Conversions [Archive] – Ronin Army: The Green Ronin Community

The holy crusader is a pious warrior called to battle on behalf of his faith. The knight of charity champions the downtrodden and defenseless, whereas the knight of infamy sows evil and discord across the land. The knight of quality exemplifies all that is expected of the knighthood; bravery, honor, charity, and virtue, while the knight of renown builds on that base, the ultimate extension of the ideals of knighthood.

Finally, the Sisterhood of the Sidhe describes an order of female elven cavaliers. Even so, of these six prestige classes, only the knight of quality and, by extension, the knight of renown requires levels as a cavalier in masterclasss form of Weapons Excellence. Any of the other classes could be attained by a fighter or paladin just as easily. There are 40 new feats described in this book, again, many of which are just as appropriate to fighters and other warriors as they are to cavaliers.

In fact, most of these feats could serve to make a cavalier out of an ordinary fighter. The Social Class and Lineage rules add new depth to character background, helping players build a character history. As with other supplements in this book, this is intended for use by all classes, and basically involves a percentage die roll, modifier by race and class, to determine the social class your character originates from from destitute to royalty.

This, in turn, determines how many rolls on the history table you are permitted, as well as the modifier to your starting monies. For each roll on the history table, a number of possibilities abound, dependent on social class, from a significant disaster that befell your family to having a folk hero in your lineage which gives you a bonus on social class.

  EN 50363-3 PDF

This section also greeb game effects for such, and an explanation of what the different terms mean. The section of steeds not only offers five different levels of quality in mounts and some unique traits, but also a selection of truly exotic steeds in Monster Manual format. The Armory describes some masterckass abilities for armor, shields, and weapons, as well as a few specific armors, shields, weapons, rings, wondrous items, and artifacts.

Finally, there are detailed notes on tournaments including mechanics for jousting events and knightly orders. Rules for building your own knightly order are also provided. Critical Hit I like the Social Class and lineage rules. This really adds some depth to characters and encourages the PCs to detail a little of the history of their character.

If you replace the Weapon Excellence requirements of the knight of quality with Weapon Specialization, then that class is just as viable masterclaass the others.

Finally, the template system will be useful to any DM who is looking to make one commoner different from another without adding a PC class. Not every minstrel is a bard, or every spy a rogue, after all.

Okay, so you have to adhere to a specialized Code of Conduct and remain lawful, but what happens if you violate it? Oh, you simply become a black knight, retaining all abilities, but unable to further advance as a cavalier. The idea is solid, but the class needs some fine-tuning. The artwork masterclaes of mostly good quality, and it seems to be pretty much relevant to the text though a few pieces are used as fillers, but still fit the theme of the book overall.

Everything short of artwork has been designated as Open Game Content, and the layout is easy to get used to masterclass makes finding what you need pretty simple.

Green Ronin Publishing

It lacks an index, but the table of contents is thorough enough to keep that from being a big problem. A Cavalier is typically a mounted warrior, a fighter on a horse or a supporter of Charles I of England. It’s funny how the combination of mount plus fighter creates a new class angle in the way that doesn’t happen with the other classes. A ranger and mount – The Mongol’s Handbook?

A bard and mount – The Troubador’s Handbook? A sorcerer and mount – The, um, er, Mounted Sorcerer’s Handbook? So even before I open up the book I already have expectations. Let’s see what The Cavalier’s Handbook can offer me. The book gets off to a good start.

The introduction scolds my initial definition; “More than just a mounted warrior The introduction also plugs a way at “why play a cavalier? Why should the DM include cavaliers in the game? That’s a more relevant and tougher question to answer. It’s also worth noting that Green Ronin has already published The Noble’s Handbook so whereas the chivalry angle is a nice one to explore we have to be sure we’re not getting old rope for new money.

Chapter One offers up the character class stats for the Cavalier itself. There are no magical class specials here to add inexplicable awkwardness to the character. There are magic-like class specials like “Fearless” available at level 19 which empower the Cavalier with an immunity to fear not that you couldn’t guess. Cavalier is one of the exciting classes as there is a special at every level.