From battle- suited space marines to giant walking tanks, GURPS. Mecha covers the entire mecha genre! In this book you’ll find: • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step. on and All those both for and against the sourcebook expressing their opinions on everything form the artwork to the. Ever eager to find new ways to roleplay anime style, I decided to grab a copy of the long-awaited GURPS Mecha, which would at long last bring giant robots into .

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GURPS Mecha Art Gallery

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Avatar of Furude Setsunaby Telasi. Originally Posted by Mephit. Don’t worry, I like my characters the way I like ghrps coffee: Strong, but with no cheese in it.

Originally Posted by Akagi. Don’t hesitate to tell the people you care about the feelings mecna have for them, because they may not be there tomorrow. GURPS 4e seems to have a bigger following, but it’s a marginal advantage.


I would really like to see a game made by Obryn, Kurald Galain, and Knaight from these forums. I’m not joking one bit.

I would buy the hell out of that. Legacya game of masters and apprentices for two players and a GM. So just go with what you feel most comfortable with. Especially in combat with dropping passive defense and adding combat option that makes the game better.

I’ve played Gurps for 20 years and I find 4th edition superior. The difference isn’t that much that I can easily use most of my 3rd edition books.


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