GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol is based on the films, stories, comic books, and radio shows of the s to the s. It starts with Buck Rogers () and. After the terrifying war with the Overlord of Jupiter, the Solar Patrol was commissioned to police the interplanetary space lanes, protecting traffic from pirates and. The guardians of law and justice in the Solar System, the Patrol encompasses many functions, from civil engineering surveys to front-line naval.

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The powerful industrial machine of the 21st century produces an immense variety of luxury goods and useful tools.

Take down this pirate lord. Marines live hard, fight hard, and die quickly. This is surprisingly common for arch-villains. Those who do have such traits. I know the whole line.

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The reality is that all are identical for game purposes. In the context of the genre, religion is respected but vague and ecumenical. One of the features of the genre is its straightforward honesty.

These use the Electro-Mechanical Computers design switch. This can easily be checked for a given bathrobe: The heart and soul of the ship.

The baseline setting has no telepaths or other psychics other than the Mind Masters of Marsand no commonplace genetic engineering or cyberware exists. Almost everything is exactly what it appears to be.


Some may choose to buy it up; this reflects their ability to parley their position in social situations. Goopers fire a chemical that becomes a sticky, entangling mass of threads on contact with air. Fulfill the letter of the contract.

Translate into another language. There are no computers, only infomats. For example, at the start of the book it seems like the hero is deeply troubled- and, indeed, goes along with the mission as a form of suicide.

Dozens of marginally different space suits are available in the System, and more than a few barroom brawls have erupted over the merits of the AstroTuff versus the Starglider brands. If a character can match the Overlord of Jupiter in a duel of both swords and words, he might well not toss the hero into the acid pit. The crew deck is where the crew eats, sleeps, and relaxes while off duty.

Twenty-first century suits are light, flexible, and tough, with a minimum of complicated equipment to get in the way.

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The Tesla coil is equivalent to a total conversion power plant. This does not mean Patrolmen are inherently arrogant, obnoxious, or condescending though many find it hard to hide their pride o their position.

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Due to the nature of their work, Space Marines tend to have slightly less rigorous psych screenings than the rest of the Patrol.

The power of the electron drive and the space-tearing forces of the Tesla coil can be only barely controlled by splar technology.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol

Thin walls of alloy and plastic are all that stand between a man and swift, certain death. Adjusting this takes 1 second. While many characters may have a religious faith, no divine presence exists that will affect the mechanics of game play in this setting. The world of Tales of the Solar Patrol is one where travel between planets is almost a century old and has become almost commonplace.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol – 5. CHARACTERS

The mission is every-thing. The captain, astronavigator, pilot, and chief tactical officer all have bridge stations, and most burps manned at all times. Only commercial or transport ships carry passengers.

No one who travels the black emptiness between worlds would do so without a space suit close at hand. This is a heavy hhe, with hard plastic implants to provide additional reinforcement.