View and Download HP A calibration manual online. Synthesizer/Function Synthesizer HP A Operating And Service Manual. Frequency ( pages) . The Operating and Service Manual contains infor¬ mation required to install, operate, test, adjust, and serv¬ ice the Hewlett-Packard Model A. Find great deals for HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual . Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The numeric value for the phase is stored, but the phase of the output is not changed when the register is recalled. Without changing the reference level, set the A servcie and the spectrum analyzer center frequency to the frequencies listed below.

Service Group O – Power Supplies Also shown on the title page of this manual is a Microfiche part number. Sine wave amplitude and flatness Concord, NH Signetics Corp.

HP 3325A Calibration Manual

If the oscilloscope is an -hp- DC Offset. For example, if a sine wave amplitude of 10 V p-p has been entered, press the Vrms or mVrms key to display the same amplitude as 3.

Press the Negative Ramp function on the A. Valid data for SM is: Al correspondence with Hewlett-Packard concerning this instrument should include the 3325a serial number. High speed DC voltmeter -hp- Model A.


Write the program in flowchart or algorithm form. The power cable must either be plugged into an approved three-contact electrical outlet or used with a three-contact to two-contact adapter with the grounding wire green firmly connected to an electrical ground safety ground at the power outlet. The preceding range of instruments contain the sine amplitude control and amplitude modulation circuitry shown in Figure The conversion information is supplied with eaeh controller.

HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual | eBay

Verify Vpp of 3. The standard Model A provides selectable front or rear panel ohm signal outputs. Verify that all three voltmeter readings are between 1.

If there is mechanical damage or defect or 33325a the instrument does not pass the electrical performance test, notify the nearest Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service Office listed at the rear of this manual. Change A function to triangle and frequency to 2 kHz. This checks the output with no attenuation. Change A function to square and frequency to 1 kHz. Inspect the shipping container for damage.

The output goes to less than 4 mV p-p while the calibration is in manjal. Adjust the dc power supply for a digital voltmeter reading of The sweep will stop while any other parameter is being changed, then wili restart. Sine Wave Amplitude Calibration.


Earlier versions of the A, however, may differ in design from the instruments this revision documents directly. Line 5 Return to Line mnual to continue sweeping. This procedure tests the A sine wave output for spurious signals. Using the digital voltmeter to monitor the dc power supply output, set the dc voltage as near – 5.

HP 3325a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual

The delta symbols refer servicing personnel to the backdating section Section VII where specific information regarding jp change is presented. High frequency spectrum analyzer -hp- Model. Amplitude Modulation Envelope Distortion Test —. Enter 0 V offset in the A. The A may be interrogated by the controller to determine the current function programmed.

Returns A from remote to front panel control unless Local Lockout has been programmed.