The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), the leading measure of burnout, is validated by the extensive research conducted for more than 35 years. Learn more. Adaptación transcultural Portugal-Brasil del Inventario de Burnout de Maslach para estudiantes. Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini CamposI; João MarocoII. The Maslach Burnout Inventory is being published by Consulting Psychologists Press. For more information, write to the publisher at College Avenue, Palo.

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It can be seen that the internal consistency of the DP sub-scale was the lowest and that it is inadequate 0. Likewise, the participants agreed to participate by signing a written informed consent form. Coping Resources Inventory Measures five basic ways people lnventario stress. Work Stress, 19pp. However, the dental research committees of the three Dentistry faculties taking part in this study approved the protocol at a later time.

Maslach Burnout Inventory™

Profiles of Organizational Influence Strategies Evaluates influence strategies in organizational relationships. The average age of the Brazilians was The MBI Individual and Group reports include some suggestions for easing burnout and the combined reports with the Areas of Worklife Survey include suggestions for changing aspects of the work environment that might contribute to burnout.

Confirmatory factor analysis was carried out using as fit indices: The phase model hypothesized that cynicism is the early minimum phase of burnout, followed by the additions of inefficacy, and finally by exhaustion. Sociodemographic information, such as gender, age, field of study, type of institution, class shift, housing, funding of burnnout, use of medication linked to the studies and thoughts about quitting the course was gathered to characterize the sample.

The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

Maslach Burnout Inventory – Wikipedia

Testing for factorial validity and invariance across elementary, intermediate and secondary teachers. A total of For example, the transactional model of burnout proposed a first stage of an imbalance between work demands and individual resources job stressorsa second stage of an emotional response of exhaustion and anxiety individual strainand a third stage of changes in attitudes and behavior, such as greater cynicism defensive coping.


The first phase of research on the phenomenon of burnout involved a lot of exploratory, qualitative field studies, which amassed many descriptions of the burnout phenomenon based on observations, interviews, case studies, and personal experience.

MBI General Survey, MBI-GS Designed for use with occupational groups other than human services and education, including customer service, maintenance, manufacturing, management and most other professions. Analyses were performed using the Stata v. Lastly, it is convenient to highlight on preventing the professional burnout syndrome and its implications within our context.

The measurement of engagement and burnout: It is worth mentioning that in the review of the scientific literature no studies were found on this theme. Item and uniqueness loads Cartagena de Indias, February—Augustsurveyed students.

The excellent internal consistency observed in the MBI dimensions appears to be a consensus in the literature, except for Poghosyan et al 22 Workers may feel unhappy about themselves and dissatisfied with their accomplishments on the job. The MBI-SS is easy to apply due to the lower number of questions, and the scale used for construct quantitation facilitates quick and reliable measurement.

To the undergraduate students belonging to the research groups, who generously provided their assistance in the data collection process.

In this sense, the low correlation presented by the items suggests the need to revise them. For individual or group administration Use the Maslach Burnout Toolkit to assess burnout within the worklife context.

By factors, the measures were represented as follows: The PDF is non-refundable. The validity of the Maslach Burnout Inventory in three national samples. Population characteristics All undergraduate dental students from the three Dentistry faculties in Cartagena Colombia were invited to participate.


Maslach Burnout Inventory – Student Survey: Portugal-Brazil cross-cultural adaptation

A self-report questionnaire to assess burnout at the workplace. The average working time for the professionals’ main job functions was J Appl Psychol, 86pp. If the legislation it can be useful in reducing the exhaustion between nurses of the hospital: Regarding marital status, Early studies on burnout referred exclusively to professions with high human contact.

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Use the Maslach Burnout Toolkit to assess burnout within the worklife context. Although the factor weights differ between countries, the three-dimensional adjustment of the MBI-SS was appropriate for all.

A quantitative approach to content validity. To apply the inventxrio, the total time required is 5—8 min. As such, scores may vary from 0 lowest intensity to 90 highest construct intensity.

Previous article Next article. Therefore, profile categorization for an individual may differ slightly based on the population used in the critical boundary calculation.

Maslach Burnout Inventory

Maslach Burnout Inventory – Student Survey: How do I calculate critical boundaries for incentario Burnout Profiles of my group? Exploratory factor analysis EFA results.

Stronger and more significant correlations were found between the dimensions Exhaustion and Disengagement than with Professional Efficacy Figurewhich is typically reported in studies using the MBI in its different versions. The CFA found the following fit indices: