the age of fighting sail and Admiral Horatio Nelson, the first ironclads seen in the Civil War, the development of steel part1. New Vanguard – Union River Ironclad · New Vanguard – M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers · New Vanguard free MR14,ads. “High NnLuO,Sea”,.Patch” zip ,”panasonic DepositFiles help find Myst,black,”.box,”.razor.”,ZippyShare.

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Download Game Ironclads Anthology RIP-Unleashed

Originally Posted by Succat. I Okay but now the reason why i started that mission, the sub interior mods from Aces, so beautiful!

Im gonna start a campaign with a sub again just to play with that mod! Big thanks for that awsome mod! I hope you continue your work! Oh my God, not again!! Find More Posts by Jimbuna. How do you guys command those surface ships?

If it’s a mod, I would love to have it. Deposiitfiles guys, thanks first and I will upload all WSM mods during the day and add them in my signatur to download for everyone.

Took me two tries to hit that small merchant vessel but you see, im getting better was neutral french btw about 7 days before french gets hostile but i needed something to practice with. Last edited depositfilew Succat; at First time I’ve seen a conning tower like that. Originally Posted by Jimbuna.


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Thanks but i gues that happend on accident when working with mods. Otherwise these depositciles signal color will be seen over miles ago. War started in early september and while im running to gibraltar, i meet a nice convoy NW of Ireland Still not very comfortable with torpedos i fired 3 into the convoy, i gues all 3 would be hits but convoy started ziggzagging.

But im still undamaged and under the convoy, diving now to m and hopeing to reload there. A piece of advice: Reloading is a very noisy operation. You are giving your position away even if you are at m. Drop to silent runninglose the escorts and let the convoy go.

When it is out of hydrophone range reloadsurface and hunt it again. Gute Jadg Herr Kaleun. Nice shotsshowing the depth charges exploding.

Seapower History Of Naval Warfare 6of6 U Boat » Военная тематика и моделизм

U is heading to the square CF99 from Wilhelmshaven. Le Havre, France Alaaarm!!! The attack on the convoy Help with food and fresh water sailors sunken ships. Last edited by radiator; at You need to polish up on your aircraft recognition Them He ‘s are Ju 88’s Bloody good show mate, merry crimbo Best regards.


Fubar2Niner Oh, of course, of course I’m very scattered lately Thanks for the your correction, already fixed! The info from author mode Lekor: The mods is cepositfiles longer new and full of heavy textures, but personally I really like it.

Originally Posted by radiator. All times are GMT The time now is Contact Depoistfiles – Subsim – Archive – Top.

The Unofficial “Official” SH3 screenshot thread! Page of High in the mountains of Utah Posts: Originally Posted by Succat I Okay but now the reason why i started that mission, the sub interior mods from Aces, so beautiful! Find More Posts by Sailor Steve. Find More Posts by Wigabee.

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Find More Posts by Vendor. Find More Posts by Succat. Originally Posted by Jimbuna First time I’ve seen a conning tower like that. Find More Posts by radiator.

Find More Posts by Fubar2Niner.