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BS ISO Road vehicles – Unified diagnostic services (UDS) Part 2: Session layer services. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from either ISO at the address below or.

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Depending on which ixo is active, different services are available. Here, the location and size of the data is specified. The negative response message with this response code may be repeated by the server until the requested service is completed and the final response message is sent.

ISO – automotive wiki

This function can be used by a testing tool, in order to read the internal behaviour of the software. This positiveResponse parameter value is reserved for server internal implementation. A data transmission can be ‘completed’ when using the “Transfer Exit” service. The device shall use the provided value for the signal. Unified in this context means that it is an international and not a company-specific standard.

On start, the control unit is by default in the “Default Session”.

BS ISO – Road vehicles. Unified diagnostic services (UDS). Session layer services

This response code indicates that the requested action 14229-22 not be taken because the server does not support the requested service in the session currently active. This response code indicates that the request message was received correctly, and that all parameters in the request message were valid, but the action to be performed is not yet completed and the server is not yet ready to receive another request.


This response code shall only be used when the requested service is isi to be supported in another session, otherwise response code 0x11 serviceNotSupported shall be used. This page was last edited on 16 Julyat The device shall freeze the current signal value. This can be information of all kinds and of different lengths such as Partnumber or the software version.

This makes it possible to implement every possible project-specific service. 142299-2 data is sent on request only, and is for information that no ECU uses, but a service tool or a software tester can benefit from. The active transferData sequence shall be aborted.

The transfer direction is notified in advance by the service “Request Download” or “Upload Request”. The third option is a message to query the results of the service. This service is used for comparison between the control unit and the tester. This response code shall be reported by the server if the response to be generated exceeds the maximum number of bytes available by the underlying network layer.

With the Stop message, a running service can be interrupted at any time.

This response code shall be supported by each diagnostic service with a lso parameter, if not otherwise stated in the data link specific implementation document, therefore it is not listed in the list of applicable response codes of the diagnostic services. This page has been accessed 44, times. This service is used to initiate a file download 14229–2 the client to the server or upload from the server to the client. Dynamic values such as the current state of the sensor can be queried.


The service “request upload” is almost identical to the service “Request Download”. This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the server does not support the service specific parameters of the request message.

Unified Diagnostic Services

It is usually implemented only at the central gateway. In addition to the identifier, the new value is sent along.

This makes it possible to interrogate the fault memory of the individual control units or to update them with a new firmware. Views View source History. As soon as the requested service has been completed, the server shall send a positive response message or negative response message with a response code different from this. This response code shall not be used in a negative response message. This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the server prerequisite condition for torque converter clutch is not met current TCC status above a preprogrammed limit or locked.

In addition, there are reserved session identifiers that can be defined for vehicle manufacturers and vehicle suppliers specific use. 1422-92

In addition to the error, additional information will be stored, which can also be read. The device must get back controls of the mentioned signals. This response code indicates that a data transfer operation was halted due to some fault.