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Toplam 2 Sayfadan 1. Sayfa 1 2 Sonuncu Sayfaya Git: There are two distinct ways of developing competence in a second language. Language acquisition is a subconcious process;I mean acquirers don’t usually know that they are acquiring the language,but they only know that they are using language for communication.

The result of language acquisition,acquired competence,is subconcious, too. There is no concious awareness of the rules of the language, yet there is a feel for correctness;that’s to say,gramatical sentences ‘sound’ right.

Native speakers don’t know the rule. The other names of acquisition: Here, a second language is conciously known,we know the rules, are aware of them,and we can talk about them. Learning a language is ”knowing a language”,that is, knowing its grammar and rules. Formal language or explicit language is also used in place of ”learning” According to some language theorists, children acquire while adults can only learn.

But this is wrong according to the acquisition-learning hypothesis, which maintains that adults also acquire the ability to ”pick up” a language doesn’t disappear at adolescence. However, adults cannot always be like a native. On the other hand, they can gain access to the same natural ‘LAD” which children use.

Error cor rection ‘supposedly’ helps the learner to find out the right form of a rule.

Parents correct few of the ispznyolca errors, because the message, not the form is significant for them. The acquisition of grammatical structures proceeds in a predictable order.

İspanyolca Kursu

As shown above,L2 order is different from L1 order. Transitional Forms Studies supporting the natural order hypothesis show only the order in which mature,or well-formedness structures emerge. For instance, both first and second language acquirers make the same errors while acquiring English negation. The monitor hypothesis assumes that acquisition and learning are used very speciifcally.


Acquisition jspanyolca two functions: Learning appears when it comes to change the form of utterances after having been produced by the acquired system. This can happen before we speak or write,or after self-correction. In L2 performance,formal rules,or concious learning has a limited role.

These ispanuolca are necessary and not enough. I mean a performer may not entirely use his concious grammar even when all three conditions are met. The performer must also be focused on the form,or thinking about correctness. This may be a very formidable requirement, for the structure of language is extremely complex.

Every rule cannnot be learned even by the best student. Unnatural orders are the results of a rise in rank of certain morphemes,the late-acquired,more learnable items.

For exampla,the 3rd person singular and the regular past rise in rank in the order of acquisition, both late-acquired,both relatively easy,both semantically and syntactically. Specifically,the monitor seems to do better with rules that are easy ,simple in two ways: To sum up,the rise in the rank of items that are late-acquired causes monitor use. Only certain items can rise in rank. When monitor use is heavy,this rise in rank is enough to disturb the natural order. Small changes in certain late-acquired morphemes that are not enough to disturb the natural order may be termed light monitor use.

The best hypothesis is that for most people,it takes a real discrete-point grammar-type test to meet all three conditions for monitor use and encourage significant use of the concious grammar. Individual variation in monitor use Monitor over-users: These people alwasys try to monitor.

They are constantly checking their output with their concious knowledge of L2;therefore,they may speak hesitantly and they often correct themselves. There is no rreal fluency in their speech. First,the performers’ history of exposure to L2 may be the reason.

These user may have acquired a great deal of L2. They solely don’t trust this acquired competence Monitor under-users These performers have not learned,or if they have learned,dont wanna use their concious knowledge. Error correction has no effect on under-users. These are like native speakers or they are really native speakers. The acquired system is everything for them.

  ISO 24394 PDF

These are the performers who use the monitor when appropriate and when it does not interfere with communication.

Inb writing and in planned speech,when there is time,optimal users will make any correction they can to raise the accuracy of their output. Therefore, their learned competence can be used as a supplement to their acquired competence. Some optimal users with no complete acquisition and who make small errors in speech can be so successful in concious grammar that they can often be mistaken for a native in writing.

There are conditionsfor us to acquire: We use more than our linguistic competence to help us understand.

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We also use context,our knowledge of the world,our extrlinguistic information. We normally first learn structures,then practice using them in communication. In short, 1- The input hypothesis relates to ”acquisition”,not learning. Context and extra-linguistic information help.

It is not taught directly. Rather,caretaker speech is modified to aid comprehension. Caretakers’ talk is simple so that the child can understand them. In other words,caretaker speech is not precisely adjusted to the level of each child,but has a tendency to get more complex as the child progresses.

In other words,caretakers don’t provide a syllabus based isanyolca grammar. As its name suggests,caretakers talk baout what the child can perceive now,and what is in the environment here. Caretaker speech is,or aims to be,comprehensible. The grammar is not acquired first and then is used in understanding.

Vice versa, I mean the child understands first, and this helps him to acquire language.

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Fineluy-tuned input is not. Roughly-tuned input provides ”built-in” review. Benzer Konular What is language acquisition? Second Language Acquisition kaynagi olan var mi? Facebook Twitter Digg del.