Kirby G6 Vacuum w/o attachments Kirby Northwest Vac & Sew is a licensed Kirby distributor and repair center, specializing in all types and models. The machine. The Kirby G6 (Kirby Generation 6) has been manufactured between and The Kirby G6 is again an improvement on a number of points compared. This G6 Kirby was taken apart to inspect tech drive, motor, slide bracket and the rest. Aluminum parts were buffed on a heavy-duty, powerful 2 horse power.

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The cheapest Kirby vacuum cleaners. This Kirby G6 is delivered with 12 months full guarantee.

The Kirby G6 is again an improvement on a number of points compared with the Kirby G5. Kirby has achieved that the Kirby G6 develops a better airflow, which produces a higher suction power and a slightly less loud noise.

The filtration of the Kirby G6 exceeds the filtration of the average vacuum cleaner and also that of the previous Kirby types. The Kirby G6 is equipped with a HEPA filtration system that can retain even smaller dust particles then previous models. This is ideal for people with allergies; in this manner the air in the house is even cleaner.


Kirby G6 – Black/Silver – Upright Cleaner | eBay

The power use of a Kirby G6 is minimal, only Watt. This, compared with the average vacuum cleaner, will lead to a considerable reduction of the electricity bill. Furthermore the Kirby G6 is renowned for its fantastic suction power and its incredible long life span. We import all our Kirby vacuum cleaners from England. These vacuum cleaners originate from Kirby distributors that have used the Kirby vacuum cleaners for demonstration purposes.

We purchase these vacuum cleaners in large volumes and because of the purchase volume the price can be kept low. Subsequently these Kirby vacuum cleaners are thoroughly inspected in our workshop and provided with full servicing.

The Kirby G6 is taken apart entirely and the electric motor is removed. Subsequently the rotor blade, the anchor, the electric spool and the main switch are removed and all parts are cleaned individually. The carbon brushes kkirby replaced and the anchor is sharpened. The front and rear bearings are replaced, the rotor blade scoop is replaced and the deadlight is replaced.


All parts are put together again and the Kirby G6 is tested extensively. All dirt remained behind is removed and the beating brush and the belt are replaced. We deliver the Kirby G6 with 12 months full warranty. You are then insured: We offer 12 months full guarantee on the Kirby G6.

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Kirby G6 – Black/Silver – Upright Cleaner

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners New. Veltec Robot Vacuum cleaners. Veltec Vacuum cleaners without dust bag. Kirby Rear Wheel Drive. Kirby Wide Knock Nozzle. How we do it? Finally, the Kirby G6 re-polished so that he no longer new to distinguish.

The Kirby G6 Kirby Generation 6 has been manufactured between and