Buy Kodak EasyShare SV 7″ Digital Picture Frame featuring PictBridge Enhanced Multimedia Display, CF I/II, SD/MMC, MS, xD Card Slots Presents: JPEG. For help with your picture frame, Kodak and EasyShare are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company. Eastman Kodak. Kodak EasyShare digital picture frame — User’s guide network; Viewing pictures from the KODAK Gallery; Picture transfer software—copying.

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It comes as no surprise that Kodak, a name almost synonymous with photography, has a line of digital photo frames.

Higher-priced versions offer internal memory, larger screens and Wi-Fi connectivity to your home network. You are not going to want to lose the control as not all of the functions can be performed with the seven sc710 on the rear of the frame.

Some functions are only available using the remote control. On the back of the frame there are seven buttons that give you access to some, but not all of the functions. The small stereo speakers also play the music and video audio tracks out of the back of the frame.


You just plug in one of the supported memory cards or USB flash drive and turn on the power. You can insert memory into each of the three memory slots and the frame will find all of the media content on each card or flash drive.

Kodak EasyShare SV 7″ Digital Picture Frame | eBay

By default, the SV starts displaying your images in a slideshow and then plays any of the supported video files. One feature we especially liked allows you to select which images to include in your slide show. In the thumbnail view, you merely hit the “check mark” button on the remote to include the currently highlighted image in your slide show. Set-up options include configuring the slide duration from three seconds to one hourkodaak orientation, transitions and fitting the image to the screen or filling the screen with the image.

Five 7in Digital Photo Frames Reviewed

You can also configure the mini USB port to connect either to your computer or your printer. The SV supports Pict Bridge and printing directly to your printer without using a computer.

Another unique feature allows you to schedule when the frame turns on and off. This might be handy if you had the photo frame in your bedroom and wanted to shut it off at night.


Kodak EasyShare SV710 7″ Digital Picture Frame

The music player on the SV is very basic – you can elect to play all tracks, or just an wv710 track. I was also disappointed by the movie player.

A video file in. Both the audio and video were jerky.

However, files shot at X at lower frame rates, or video shot at X at 30 FPS, played smoothly. The SV ships with version 6. It lets you easily organize, edit and share your photos online through the Kodak Gallery.

Overall, the SV is easy to use and has a fairly small learning curve. The displayed images looked good with no adjustment to the default brightness setting. Philips PhotoFrame Page koadk Westinghouse DPF 7 Page 7: Subscribe to our newsletter.