LEICA GPS Spider. The reference station software is known as LEICA GPS Spider. It is required to operate the GRX Series receivers. Use. Operating. User Manual. All instructions required in order to operate the product to a .. Configuring a GRX Pro/GRX GG Pro for Connecting a. NTRIP Server. Leica GRX Pro Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Leica GRX Pro User Manual.

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The type and the serial number of your product are indicated on the type plate.

Leica GRX1200 series Getting Started

Enter the type and serial number in your manual and always refer to this information when you need to contact your agency or Leica Geosystems authorized service workshop. Index The index is at the back of the manual. Differences between the various models are marked and described. Available Name of documentation Description usser GPS User Manual Provides an overview of the leicz together with technical data and safety directions. Refer to the diagram below.

Leicw The procedures, codes and protocols that enable two entities to interact for an exchange of data. Web Interface Kind of an entry form to define receiver relevant settings. Runs in a web browser. Configuration Configure Receiver Communication Settings 3. Type Setting IP address Type Configuration Extraction To set settings.

To query current settings.

Make sure the receiver is switched off. Insert the CompactFlash card into the CompactFlash card compartment of the receiver.

Turn the receiver on. The receiver reads the file contents and applies the settings. Once the settings have been applied successfully, the StartupConfig. The content of the file does not matter, but the filename has to be exactly GetConfig. When using the GetConfig. The format of all lines in the StartupConfig. All settings are case sensitive. NET2,Server, used for receiver control over the remote inter- The port is waiting for clients to connect.

Data can then be downloaded manually from the sensor.

Leica GPS1200 Series User Manual

Configuration No further configuration is required. Step Description Type in the IP address of the receiver into the address bar, for example http: Continue with “5 Using the Web Interface”. A connection to the Web Interface is serial connection made using a serial cable and Point-to-Point Protocol.


The procedure of connecting to the web consists of four parts: This window comes up Step Description Click Add…. This window comes up: Tick Don’t detect my modem; I will select it from a list.


Highlight Communication cable between two computers. Step Description Click Next. Select the COM port on which the receiver is connected to.

The COM port is the serial port. Windows now takes a while to register the new modem. This window below comes up. The newly added modem is displayed in the list of installed modems. Select the newly added modem. Step Description Click Properties. Select the General tab. Select as Maximum Port Speed. The modem installation procedure is completed. Continue with the next part. Refer to “Define a PPP network connection step-by- step” below. Tick Connect directly to another computer.

The newly added communication cable is displayed in the list of devices. Select the newly created communication cable. Step Description Click Finish. 12200 For all users. The PPP network connection is manhal defined.

Step Description Continue with the next part. Refer to “Establish a PPP connection step-by-step” below. Step Description Click Properties to set parameters. Select Communications cable between two computers COM Set the Maximum speed bps to or to the value configured for port RX in step Untick Enable hardware flow control. Step Description Select the Networking tab.

Tick Use the following IP address. Once the connection is closed, the standard IP address is automatically used again. It is recommended to temporarily disable other network connections as long as the PPP connection to the receiver is established. Connections to the network may be influenced as long as PPP is active, because thed PC uses a different, fixed IP address during that time.

The followign dialogue appears: Select the firmware file to be uploaded and press Upgrade. To use the Web Interface, a Web Interface upgrade has to be done every time a firmware upgrade is made.


Upload the new Web Interface zip file as described in “3. Wait for the sensor to completely install the firmware file and reboot. The new firmware is now available on the sensor. Step Description The start page of the Web Interface comes up. The status header at the top of the window shows important status information.

The navigation bar below the status header contains the links to the status and configuration pages, and to useful support links. Click accesses the Online Help. Step Description Click OK. All configuration settings of a GRX Series receiver can now be accessed. Take some time to explore the different configuration screens. Using the Web Interface Adjusting the Receiver Settings Description GRX Series receivers are delivered with a number of default settings to cover the needs of the majority of users, which keeps configuration time to a minimum.

The settings can be adjusted according to all customer needs and applications. Step Description This step-by-step instruction starts with the last window of the previous chapter. Type in any Instrument ID. If you are interested in raw data logging, change to the Logging page. Configure the settings for Primary Logging. Type in the Antenna Height. Type in Site Name and the coordinates of the site.

PUK code as password. For receivers delivered with firmware version 2. For receivers delivered with firmware versions lower than v2. Index Address settings Interface Page of 76 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Data controller with captivate software rtk rover wizard: Page 2 The type and the serial number of your product are indicated on the type plate. Table Of Contents Overview 3.

Page 11 Overview GPS Page 19 The format of all lines in the StartupConfig. Page 28 Configuration No further configuration is required.