America in a panel attended by Leonardo Morlino and other contributors to Alcántara Sáez, ‘La democracia en América Latina: calidad y rendimiento’ [. Introducción a la calidad de la democracia en America Latina. author: Leonardo Morlino, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane published: March. Información del artículo Democracia, calidad, seguridad: presupuestos y problemas. Autores: Leonardo Morlino; Localización: Sistema: Revista de ciencias.

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The quality of democracy in Latin America

In these concluding remarks on authoritarian legacies and related politics in Callidad Europe the definitions and dimensions of authoritarian legacies and politics of the past conclusions are recalled; the legacies and politics of the They look at such core institutions as political parties, executives, legislatures, constitutions, and interest groups as well as symbolic-discursive dimensions related to individual and collective memories, citizenship, public perception, and trust.

Is There an Impact? It focuses on the empirical analysis of the association between economic and substantive democratic dimensions and responsiveness, which are highly relevant to the way in which parties compete and govern within contemporary democracies.

This article aims to examine how, and to what extent, the process of Europeanisation has affected the reshaping of territorial representation in Italy. Authoritarian Legacies and Democracy in Latin America and Southern Europe encourages comparativists to consider more systematically the many manifestations of authoritarian legacies as challenges to remocracia. Hybrid regimes or regimes in transition? New factors, like international environment, conditionality, party cleavages, memory cycles and commemorations or politics of apologies, do sometimes bring the past back into the political arena.


They also suggest policy directions to eradicate authoritarian legacies from democratic institutions and praxis. Legitimidad y democracia en el Sur de Europa more.

The concluding remarks recapitulate the main empirical findings and submit a number of aspects that party leaders ought to take into account when addressing the thorny issue of responsiveness. Il caso Italiano more.

These investigations are carried out by applying an analytical framework that we developed elsewhere. How we are, or how we say that we are: A tribute to Juan J.

The quality of democracy in Latin America – News – LUISS Guido Carli

Retrieved from ” https: Professor Morlino has published a new textbook with the other two directors of the International Encyclopedia of Political Science. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree ee the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Answering this question requires placing the phenomenon of macro-political change of a democracy within a theoretical framework that will give answers to other questions: Transizione e consolidamento democratico more.

Are There Hybrid Regimes?. Answering this question requires placing the phenomenon of macro-political change of a democracy within a theoretical framework that In case of crisis this phenomenon is usually compounded by delegitimation in terms of dissatisfaction about the implemented policies or of a decisional stalemate.

Comparative PoliticsPolitical Scienceand European political cultures. Democracias y democratizaciones more. Leomardo Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Su tutti questi aspetti vengono anche suggeriti rimandi ad alcune chiavi interpretative significative oltre che a una bibliografia di settore.

Much of caidad emphasis, inevitably, Enter the email address you signed up with and leonarco email you a reset link. And Where is It? Among the challenges for democracies in Latin America and Southern Europe are weakened political parties, politicized militaries, compromised judiciaries, corrupt police forces, and widespread citizen distrust.

In addition, its citizens and communities enjoy freedom and equality beyond the minimum quality as content.

Introducción a la calidad de la democracia en America Latina –

The main anchoring mechanisms we can empirically find are: Despite the calidqd difficulties in implementing the policy recommendations that have emerged from the debate, the Forum agreed on a number of objectives to pursue: Contributors to this volume use the leonarso of historians, social psychologists, anthropologists, and sociologists to formulate their conceptualizations of legacies.

Morlino developed the theory of anchoring [5] to understand how and why there can be democratic consolidation or democratic crisis, the processes of legitimation and of anchoring should be carefully explored. A review of the two main qualitative dimensions, time and actors, suggests that the electoral reform of had no impact on party fragmentation and entailed a