Liber LXI vel Causae: The preliminary lection including the history lection [ Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Liber LXI vel Causae. A.’. A.’. The Preliminary Lection including the History Lection. by CROWLEY, Aleister ]. and a great selection of similar Used, New and . LIBER LXI VEL CAUSAE – The Preliminary Lection Including The History Lection. 6 Sections – Section 1, Introductory – The Order – Text Number.

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Finally, there was given unto him a certain exalted grade whereby a man becomes master of knowledge and intelligence, and no more their slave. In one P. The ordeals were turned into contempt, it being impossible for any one to fail therein. The are various secondary characteristics of this Illumination: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Conversely, many of the anxieties, worries, and fears that plague the Mystic will fall away or seem petty in contrast to this Mystic communion.

In fact, one is seeking the Whole, both upright and averse, and not simply the Highest. Things seems to fall into place without much or any effort.

May it not be written that the tribulations shall be shortened? They attracted much attention, as they purported to derive from the Rosicrucians. Not to veil the truth to the Neophyte, but to warn him against valuing non-essentials.

Liber LXI vel Causae

In the broadest sense, cajsae Love is acceptance. This means that all aspects of the self must be balanced, especially the moral and intellectual aspects of the self.


Yet others may assist him to do both, and they may enable him altogether to avoid many of the false paths, leading no whither, which tempt the weary feet of the uninitiated pilgrim.

One must therefore be always vigilant to bring oneself oiber live more and more in this Light of Illumination, continuing the work of Purification and Consecration until All is One.

Also his body shook and staggered with the burden of that bliss and that excess and that ultimate nameless. New and revised rituals were issued, and fresh knowledge poured out in streams.

For Perfection abideth not in the Pinnacles, or in the Foundations, but in the ordered Harmony of one with all. This is the faculty of under-standing the Word of Chiah [True Will]. They can further insure that he is duly tried and tested, for there are many who think themselves to be Masters who have not even begun to tread the Way of Service that leads thereto.

He must learn to endure them, then to become indifferent to them, then to analyze them until they give pleasure and instruction, and finally to appreciate them for their own sake, as aspects of Truth. The rituals were elaborated, though vl enough, into verbose and pretentious nonsense: In the fullness of time, even as a blossoming tree that beareth fruit in its season, all these pains were ended, and these adepts and their companions obtained the reward which they had sought— they were to be admitted to the Eternal and Invisible Order that hath no name among men.


The way to destroy demons is through Love. The Nature of the Second Stage: This site uses cookies. Francis of Assisi visited lepers, the sight of which disgusted him. The Mystic naturally and effortlessly sees the Divine permeating all things in the world.

Wherefore they resolved to establish a new Order which should be free from the errors and deceits of the former one.

Liber LXI vel Causae |

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! After some time S. Communion with the Holy Guardian Angel. He [must] complete the formation of himself as an image of the All. The claim of the Order that the true adepts were in charge of ve was definitely disproved.

Liber LXI vel Causae

But in this, as in all other effort to name it, is the root of every falsity and misapprehension, since all words imply some duality. It is simply that the normal incoherence and discrepancy between them has been harmonized.

It was written by one of them that S. Those who discovered the ciphers wrote to S. He discovered that S. In the emotions, a lack of Love or acceptance shows itself in the feeling of disgust.