Me habló un sacerdote del libro, lo compré y me impactó con muchos Al empezar a leer los escritos de La Verdadera Vida en Dios, en julio de , estoy However, reading about Vassula Ryden’s experience with Christ and her inner. Lazos que unen a Vassula Ryden con el Padre Guido Sommavilla y el espiritismo Ryden, como indicado en el sitio oficial de la Verdadera Vida en Dios: En el , la madre publica “Tu sei tornato”, un libro que cuenta su experiencia y. La verdadera vida en Dios. Encuentros con Jesús. volumen I. Vassula Rydén. ISBN X / ISBN Price: £

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Testimonies from the Laity

En primer lugar, hay que motivar las cosas: I began attending daily Mass, confession once a month, praying the rosary, reading daily scripture, reciting the Chaplet of Mercy and visiting my parish church and spending time in prayer in front of the Tabernacle.

No tengo la carta, no soy nadie importante, todo lo que se lo consigo leyendo los sitios de Internet. As I was reading the message, I felt that someone took a veil covering my eyes which caused me to cry, realizing that I was lost and living in the dark for so many years; that it was our Lord Jesus that I was longing and searching for many years.

Junto a eso dice cosas buenas: This was in October, l In the early ’90s I was moved by grade and anguish of soul to seek my God and after a year of praying and reading and being more attentive at Mass, my Lord brought me these messages.

Este sacerdote comenta que estuvo presente en el preciso momento que Vassula cayo al suelo y cuando quisieron levantarla entre tres hombres no pudieron hacerlo, y dice que esto lo ha visto en posesiones diabolicas. Pero de los mensajes divinos nanai.

All my life I had wondered why human beings seem to have a deep common inner sense of what is most good, most beautiful in art, music or philosophy and why, as St. I went for confession and holy communion, I read the messages of True Life in God and I had no more stress, no more nerve crisis, no more wanting to have fun in bars drinking as if that was my whole world. Sinto Jesus presente em nossas vidas e em nossas atividades, mesmo as mais simples. This particular feeling was the Holy Spirit rejoicing that I had opened my eyes and also let Christ into my life.


I have read all the books of “True Life in God”and the newspapers and I visited the 3 sessions of your visit to Holland. Lo mismo hacen muchas otras personas e instituciones, el dominio del Vaticano es www. Como hay comentaristas a los que les cuesta seguir el enlace, la nota dereafirmada numerosas veces es la siguiente: Carta del 4 de abril depublicada en True LIfe in Godvol.

At first, I was so hesitant to read it because I thought it was not that interesting. Todas las personas merecen respeto,y en este tipo de cosas es mejor esperar lo que la iglesia diga de manera definitiva.

The Holy Spirit has taught me how to contemplate and how to pray from the heart. The real and unchanging constants, the Blessed Trinity and Mother Mary have had a profoundly life-altering affect on us all.

TLIG – Testimonies – Testimonies from Around the World – Testimonies from the Laity (English)

She conveyed the messages in such a gentle, honest, and sometimes humourous way that I wanted to hear more. In de eenzaamheid kreeg ik ruim de tijd ervoor. About four years ago, when I was 21 and when leading a very sinful life, I yield hesitantly to the pressure of my sister to do the spiritual exercises of St.

Thus started my conversion. I continue to pray both the rosary and other devotions and go verddadera Mass as often as I can.

The door bell rung at the moment that I was watching the film and I thought: Ignatius of Loyola in Madrid, Spain. Comparto algunas lecturas sios noticias que me parecen interesantes. ORG has been registered. Take My hand Peter The doctors thought it was most likely spina-bifida.

The True Life in God messages bring me great peace and consolation and also a desire for everyone to be saved.

The Holy Spirit through the messages, has opened my eyes and ears and mind so I now see and understand everything around me especially what is happening in our church, in a spiritual way from God’s point of view. I started to read from dr I just as Mrs. B, Brazil, October Ce sont des livres merveilleux. Participei de um encontro com Vassula em Curitiba.


Los abogados de Vassula Ryden cierran una web crítica

Y si me preguntan suelo responder, pero no vivo en twitter. B, Brazil, October At the latter half of Vassula’s conference Miwa saw Vassula’s face change to that similar to the face of the Holy Shroud medal with eyes verdaxerawith large amounts of wavy hair coming down dw the shoulders and the face having a dark complexion. Ustedes, como Maria Pio, se ponen por encima de la Iglesia condenando a quien la Iglesia no ha condenado.

Estive afastado de Deus e da Igreja durante longos anos. The Holy Name of The Lord be praised. Vassula Ryden patentara su nombre o este nombre fuera una marca registrada verdadear. Esto deberia servir para que despierten.

Unless I am misreading Vassula, God tells her that for an instant after our creation He allows our sou1 to see Him and obviously it is this memory which is so deeply imprinted in the soul of each one of us, although it is veiled for now by our human nature… H.

Through the TLIG messages I learned to pray, to love the rosary, to thank God for vsssula gift of being Catholic and having the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist available to me. From then on each day I would take time to pray and read the TLIG messages, trying to get to know the God Vassula had conversations with The rios touched my heart.

Liefde, liefde en nog eens liefde van Jezus zelf: I take His Words of union “We, Us” to work with me each day. Ana gave me the gift of the True Life in God collection.

Esto puede darse de cuatro modos: Tanta importante eres que manejas esos documentos? Mass, communion, confession, the sacraments have a different meaning for me now, and I am in love with Our Blessed Mother. La foi revit dans la famille: It is a very great grace.