Using Squeezebox Touch as Part of a Whole Home System. to worry about connecting them to an audio system Squeezebox Boom was our first all-in-one . accessing and changing your router settings, refer to your router manual and. View and Download Logitech Squeezebox Boom user manual online. Logitech All-In-One Network Music Player User Guide. Squeezebox Boom Media Player. View and Download Logitech Squeezebox Boom user manual online. All-in-one network music player. Squeezebox Boom Media Player pdf manual download.

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Headphone or subwoofer out. There are two music sources available: If you are using a large wireless network with multiple wireless routers or access points, there is a chance that your computer and your Squeezebox Boom are connecting to different segments.

Logitech Squeezebox Boom User Manual

Using Boom as part of a whole-house system later in this guide. Thank You However, some or all of my iTunes music library does not play Pandora what you think of a track.

The functionality is selectable from a menu item in the Squeezebox Boom. For information on ordering, go to www. Logitech Compliance For additional compliance information, go to http: You can set multiple alarms per day, and set alarms at different times on any day of the week. Back Panel Connectors C. The line-in level is adjustable independent of the main volume. Slightly more typically W while playing.

Thank You Squeezebox Boom combines the features and technology that our customers love in an all-in-one device.

Logitech Squeezebox Boom Quick Start Manual

Pandora what you think of a track. Be sure to use only the power supply provided with Squeezebox Boom. The Squeezebox Boom is a streaming music player that can tune in to thousands of internet radio streams. There is a slight difference in the circuitry between headphone and line-out circuits, but it should work in nearly all situations.


The navigation booom allows you to quickly scroll through menus, track manuak, music services, and more.

Mounting your Boom If you would like to attach your Squeezebox Boom to a wall or under a kitchen cabinet, Logitech has a mounting kit available. When you connect to SqueezeNetwork, your Squeezebox Boom displays a unique code that you can use to link your Boom to logitecg SqueezeNetwork account.

Turn the wheel to scroll, and then press the wheel to select an option. When Squeezebox Boom informs you that it has connected to your wireless network, press to continue. You can even store your own music collection in an online MP3tunes Music Locker so you can listen to your music when your computer is turned off.

Select SqueezeNetwork, the free, Internet-based service operated by Logitech. Logitech assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual.

Squeezebox Boom will automatically power on.

Page 11 Click on the wireless networking icon on the menu bar and make note of which network has a check mark next to it. If the display informs you that Squeezebox Boom was unable to connect LEFT BACK to your network, press on the remote or the button on the front panel to return to the network setup menu. Windows Media Player, may already do this.

A combination of careful component selection, mechanical design and digital signal processing.

Again, it only stores the next alarm, so if you realize the power’s out, be sure to wake up your spouse too. Page 22 Both must be on the same network segment in order for SqueezeCenter to be recognized by your Squeezebox Boom.


Page 36 loigtech No music will play Page 37 – Some of my track names are missing or in The Squeezebox Boom will not sound an alarm if the power remains off.

Boom really is designed to be right next to your bed.


In the event of a network failure, Squeezebox Boom will substitute an alarm tone, so you’ll still be manuak time sqkeezebox if you lose your Internet connection. Please see the contact information above. Can I do that? You can think of these as a miniature list of six favorites that you can recall instantly at any time.

To sign up, visit and use the sign-up wizard. Page 63 – My music sound choppy, distorted, or ski How can I assign one of the preset buttons on Squeezebox Boom to toggle between speaker mode and headset mode?

We even included a magnet in the remote control so you can stick the remote to your refrigerator. Quick start quide E. Now Playing so that it plays next.

If you already have an account, instructions for adding your new Squeezebox Boom to your account can be found later in this guide. You have the choice to use the line-in jack exclusively, ligitech mix streaming music and line-in.

Logitech Squeezebox Boom User Manual | 44 pages

Squeezebox Boom’s Alarm Squeezebox Boom has a sophisticated alarm system. We took special care in the design of Squeezebox Boom to ensure virtually silent operation. Yes, the Squeezebox Boom was designed with metal grills as opposed to cloth so that it can be cleaned up easily if it gets dirty.

The music services differ by region, but here is a sample available in the US: Got it, continue to print. No, there is no direct support for terrestrial radio. Select SqueezeNetwork, the free, Internet-based service operated by Logitech.

Don’t have an account? The worst case that will happen, in only some cases, would be that there is slightly more noise heard through your speakers.