Sarah Dessen is the author of thirteen novels, which include the New York Times bestsellers The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the. As Dessen’s body of work expands, her novels deepen. With its deceptively simple summer romance plot, this book documents adolescent life with perception. From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Once and for All She’s got it all figured out. Or does she? When.

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Either way, the novel was sweet and enjoyable and my one complaint is that the actual plot surrounding the characters and their greatness was slightly lacking.

Or maybe Barbara Starr is the writer Dessen always made fun of- the stereotypical author Dessen loves to mock. I don’t know the book, to me, was a hell of a lot more annoying than it was entertaining. I loved this dewsen although I was expecting more for the ending. Remy’s latest guy, Dexter, isn’t buying into her plan. Such a great story!

Remy has been through a lot in her life, but she’s lucky enough to have friends that can get through her thick, stubborn skull and call her out. There’s the trio of Remy’s faithful girlfriends, all addicted to “Xtra Large Zip” Diet Cokes—practical-minded Jess, weepy Lissa, and Chloe, who shares Remy’s dark sense of humor—as well as Dexter’s entourage of fellow band members, as incompetent at managing money as they are at keeping their rental house clean.

In a sense, this can be correct. I expected Dessen to be light and fluffy. Remy is unusually upsest by the break up, even though its just one of hundreds. Refresh and try again. Remember the feeling you had as you watched your brother tear up and how your sister-in-law looked so happy and beautiful?


I found the main character to be completely unsympathetic and I could not relate to her or with her to save my life. And she still got into Stanford!

Okay, so it’s obvious now that I just hate Remy.

This Lullaby

Views Read Edit View history. Plus, this books was SO predictable. He’s in a band, you srah. Based on the model of her mother who is busy with husband number five in the beginning of the bookRemy has a lot of boyfriends.

Why is she THAT salty and dismissive of her father if she never met him? I did not like Dexter, I couldn’t see how he managed to be in a band with the way he acted and how he couldn’t seem to luullaby track of important things like the electricity bill. This isn’t just about Remy’s relationship with Dexter, it’s about Remy’s relationships with everyone.

Why is she the way she is? I mean, it was pretty well written I guess, just not my thing. If you are looking for contemporary books that are equally as gripping as Thrillers but in a different way, then Sarah Dessen is your author and I would highly recommend you to pick this one up!

This Lullaby By: Sarah Dessen by Haneen Alsurakhi on Prezi

Plus the way she saw all of his characteristics as flaws just pissed me off. Remy still leaves for college but in Just Listen it is revealed that Remy and Dexter are together because Remy is shown with Dexter while Remy is on fall break from college. One day, at the car dealership owned by her mother’s next husband, she meets a guy named Dexter.

Even though I read it slowly and I wasn’t really in the mood for it, I still enjoyed it a lot once I got into it. Click here to see the rest of this review. View all 13 comments. I like teen novels lullsby don’t focus on a central romance at the expense of everything else.


This Lullaby

Kiko I think this one would be best for middle school or high school students. It couldn’t have been more obvious had she llullaby right out and said it. They would keep bothering her to do something in order for them to get their way. See all 10 questions about This Lullaby…. She also does her crosswords in ink. Remy is just awesome.

This Lullaby – Sarah Dessen

Aug 16, Patricia rated it dessem was ok. The way him and Remy clicked was somehow both magical and real and their playful interactions had me smiling and laughing out loud. The plot of this book was another thing I liked about this book. To top it all off, Dexter is a musician, an occupation Remy does not like because her father was one and only left her with one legacy, a one hit wonder called, “this lullaby”.

The only connection Remy has to her own father is a song he wrote for her right after she was born. I was ready for something a little lighter, but that still had something to say. In many ways this is a conventional teen story, but it’s one that’s done really, really well.